Passap Perfect Circles by Billie Hall

Okay, why did I try these knitted circles? I DO NOT like short rowing. Well I came across an article by Billie Hall  in one of the Passap University manuals and I read the article on making circles. The sample she gives you is a placemat. In the article it says “if you want to avoid  the” holes” in the knitting, knit to the left. Hang the purl st of the last st formed on the left on the needle to the left.” I made the circle so I could try this way of avoiding the holes. The blue sample is coaster size instead of a whole Placemat. I used a sock yarn and I really like how it looks as far as no holes. However, it would not absorb any liquid . So I had some serenity sock yarn in vibrant colors and decided to make some drink holders for a plate set that I have. I love them and the yarn feels like cotton, I ironed it and it absorbs liquid. However, it was more difficult for the passap to knit by using the heel of the purl stitch like she said in her directions. So I just short rowed by lifting the needle next to the one with the pusher in work and wrapped the yarn and it was easier and faster! Hahahah, so at least I tried it. On my colorful coasters, I crocheted the outside and put two single crochets at each of the twelve points so it is not perfectly round. I used the pie crust trim on the blue one  and I like it but it took forever to do or so it seemed like it. 🙂  I have to say that I would make a Christmas tree skirt doing short rowing. So now I do not dislike short rowing .

p.s. the dark spot on the coaster at the bottom in the picture of the four coasters is my reflection taking the picture and not the yarnDSCF2331.

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