Passap Simple Single Bed Cast On

I rarely knit on the single bed of the passap.  However, I am working on trying to knit  my slipper socks in Fair Isle on the passap.  I usually knit them on the Brother 940 using a fine lace design and Can Cun yarn. For my sample,   I just wanted a quick cast on to try the body of the slipper.  The cast on I usually use is doing a zig zag row on both beds and putting in the cast on comb and then dropping the back bed stitches. I feel that is pretty quick but this is even quicker.

I came across this simple cast on in the book Simply Passap Vol 1, Number 4, December 1989 and it does not use the cast on comb.

Here is how it is done.  Raise the front bed needles you will be using to work position. Set the front lock to N and the back lock to GX. At tension 2 knit one row to the left. Take your 1×1 orange tool and push up every other needle until the loop falls off. Then put the needles back in work position.When you knit back, the empty needles take on a new loop. Set tension to 4 and knit slowly to the right. The key word is “slowly”.  Gradually increase tensions 1 number each row until you get to the number tension you want.Be sure to check each row to make sure all needles knitted.  I then took a brother comb and hung it on the stitches just to be sure stitches did not drop on my sample.



  1. Just had a conversation about the single bed cast on on the DM80 the other day: I have to admit that I avoid it most of the times and cast on double bed wise and transfer the stitches to the front.
    I’ll try your version right now – thank you for the hint👍

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