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Passap Slipper Socks in Fairisle



I managed to knit one of my slipper socks and it fits!! I used pattern 1131 and technique  176. The bottom picture is the seam that has to be sewn up because these socks are knitted flat. It is not that perfect but I did not pick a pattern and try to match since I just wanted to see if I could do them. I like them but now I need to see if I can knit them in can cun on the passap. Can Cun is such an elegant looking yarn with a beautiful sheen to it. This looks more like a sock in wool. I usually knit 2 inches after the cuff but ended up with three inches instead.

I used 2 strands of 2/24. I knitted 64 rows of 1 by 1 rib on 72 stitches at tension 3..  . Then I transferred the stitches to the front bed and hung a hem on every other needle. I then knitted 20 rows of the pattern with which is actually 80 rows. I used tension 5..   I turned off the console and placed the pushers on the left 36 needles in non working position. I then worked on the right 36 needles with all the pushers in work under them.I had the lock set at LX. I short rowed down to 14 stitches and then back out again. When I finished the heel I turned the console back on and it said row 80. I pushed enter and it went through setting the locks and put me right back into the pattern on the right row. So now the challenge comes making the other sock since the heel and toe will be done on the left side of the bed. I think I have it figured out though. I will knit the first row of 81 to get to the left and turn off the console. When I turn it back on I will see if it says row 80. If it does, I will knit the first row with Sx to get to the left, pick up the yarn, change to LX and continue. Hope it works. haha

I had something funny happen to me while knitting this pattern. While knitting my sample, I went to knit one of the rows and the yarn did not pick up and knit and the locks went across with the yarn. It took a few minutes for me to realize it was happening where there was a  row of solid cranberry . Well, because it is a solid row, the second color does not knit but you still pick up the second color and go across to keep the pattern correct. So… a word of caution…..if you use this pattern and  have to rip out some rows, don’t forget to include the non knitted 2 rows in the rows to return.

Passap Simple Single Bed Cast On

I rarely knit on the single bed of the passap.  However, I am working on trying to knit  my slipper socks in Fair Isle on the passap.  I usually knit them on the Brother 940 using a fine lace design and Can Cun yarn. For my sample,   I just wanted a quick cast on to try the body of the slipper.  The cast on I usually use is doing a zig zag row on both beds and putting in the cast on comb and then dropping the back bed stitches. I feel that is pretty quick but this is even quicker.

I came across this simple cast on in the book Simply Passap Vol 1, Number 4, December 1989 and it does not use the cast on comb.

Here is how it is done.  Raise the front bed needles you will be using to work position. Set the front lock to N and the back lock to GX. At tension 2 knit one row to the left. Take your 1×1 orange tool and push up every other needle until the loop falls off. Then put the needles back in work position.When you knit back, the empty needles take on a new loop. Set tension to 4 and knit slowly to the right. The key word is “slowly”.  Gradually increase tensions 1 number each row until you get to the number tension you want.Be sure to check each row to make sure all needles knitted.  I then took a brother comb and hung it on the stitches just to be sure stitches did not drop on my sample.


Passap Afghan From Tatiana Knits-larger size


Here is the larger version of the last afghan I posted by Tatiana Knits. I emailed her and asked her if she could enlarge the pattern to use almost the full needle bed of the knitting machine. Even though she went through surgery, she was kind enough to work on enlarging it and getting the new pattern to me. I absolutely love this pattern. The difference in the width from the other one is a good six inches using the same technique. I used technique 186 which is fantasy fair isle. I did start to knit this larger size using technique 187 thinking the design would be more stunning but it wasn’t . My girlfriend saw it and agreed so I rewound the yarn and went back to the same technique as the other one. The color of this one is cranberry and grey and the other was cranberry or raspberry and white. I hope that you will try this afghan especially the beginner passap user. There are no back bed pushers used . The size of the pattern is 177 stitches by 249 rows. It is done in 2/24 yarn. If anyone buys this pattern  I would be happy to send you my directions for tensions and cast on and cast off.

It is cold and rainy so I could not take the picture outside. 😦

I have also just completed two tatted snowflakes that were difficult for me because of the way the outer daisies were done. Just wanted to share them  with you. 🙂