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Passap Afghan from Tatiana Knits


DSCF1999My friend Susie emailed me  a picture of this file from Tatiana Knits that she saw on a machine knitters group on Facebook. I love the design. I could not wait to make it. So I bought the file. File, not the directions to  make it. First of all, when I went to download, I noticed the width of the pattern is only 153 stitches. I realized then that this would come out very long and narrow. So I decided to use the fantasy fair isle since that comes out larger. While I find this design very stunning, I first knitted it in navy and cranberry and the pattern was lost. That was my fault. So I made it again using cranberry and white. However, up close you can see the white . I think this would be more stunning using technique 187 but it will come out even narrower. I would love to make many more if the design went from 153 needles to 178 needles. I am going to contact her and ask her if she would consider working on design to make it larger.  I spent an hour and a half and enlarged it myself and it changes the look but does not detract from beauty of it. I will make one using that also with technique 187 if she does not have plans to enlarge it.

Since this was just the file I know that it can be frustrating to new passap knitters. If you buy the pattern I would be happy to share the directions I wrote down about how I made this from cast on to cast off. The afghan takes 17 ounces of main color and 12 ounces of the second color. The finished size is approximately 40 inches wide and the length is approximately 69 inches. I used two strands of 2/24.  I bought another pattern for another stunning design from her but it is also 153 stitches wide. I guess I would have to ask what the width and length  of a file is the next time.

I have to say that I think this design is a real winner and very stunning. The only drawback is the width. Because it is narrow, it is a good passap beginner project since it does not go all the way to both end needles. It took me a little over an hour to knit each one and there are no mistakes in either one of them . It is also great using fair isle fantasy since it does not use back bed pushers.

Oh, by the way, have I ever mentioned how I love this passap ? It knitted like a dream the whole 1,968 rows for both of them combined. lol

Now if my sock machine will just co operate like my passap I would be a happy camper. 🙂