Machine Knitted Clothes Hanger


We had our knit in at a new passap knitters house yesterday and had a great time. Too much to do and talk about and so little time. A woman attended that we have known for years. She knits on the Brother machine and so does her sister. Well, her sister made each one of us this knitted covered clothes hanger. Hers is the top one . I thought it was so nice of her to make one and decided to see if I could make one. I have several of these padded hangers for my clothes. I just used lace that I had. I made this on a Brother 940. I did an wrap cast on and then hung lace and hand knitted that row. Of course, the cast on is in front of the lace and should be behind!!

Here is how I knitted the rest.  I cast on 100 stitches. There are 20 rows of stockinette :

4 rows mc,2 contrast,2 mc,2 contrast,4 rows mc, 2 contrast, 2 main color,2 contrast. I knitted two rows plain and set the fair isle needles on row 2. I then knit 48 more  rows of fair isle using can cun by Tamm at a tension of 7..  The pattern is number 38 in the Brother book.

On row 25 transfer needle r-1 to next needle and leave the needle in work. This is for inserting the hanger hook. After I knit the 50 rows, I took off the comb and weights and inserted the hook of of the hanger through the hole and pulled the padded part of the hanger up snug against the knitting. Pick up the loops from the last contrast row knitted before starting the fair isle and place on the same hooks as work. I then did a latch tool bind off. Because the hanger is curved, I bound off the first half of needles and then lifted from gate pegs and then finished the other side. On her hanger, she sewed the ends. I just took a piece of yarn and ran it along the edges and gathered the ends. Much faster…lol  Lightly steam the skirt part and you are done. Have fun if you make it.

On some of the others I will make, I would even leave off the first 20 rows of stockinette.





  1. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    We had a wonderful time yesterday, even if we had to drive 95 miles one way. Charlotte was so gracious to give me a beautiful black hanger.

    • We enjoyed ourselves too Mary Ann. Hope you get your console upgraded. Carol 🙂

  2. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    Beautiful covered hangers, I have a friend, Nancy here in Georgia that makes these and so does her sister. What a coincidence. I love these.

    • Hi Rhonda, Mine is not so pretty. I like these hangers because they don’t leave points on my sleeves if they hang for awhile. Most other hangers are too wide for my tops. I am sure these have been around but I just wanted to try one without looking for a pattern. 🙂

      • Rhonda Hazen Said:

        I’m sure they have been around a long time. I just love them for my knits. I think your looks good. They make such nice gifts.

  3. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    I spoke to my friend Nancy at our machine knitting meeting and she did make the covered coat hangers for your group. Her sister Chris is in your group…such a small world.

    • Hi Rhonda, I think you mean her sister Charlotte? I know Nancy from our knitting group years ago before she moved to Georgia. I spoke with Nancy for over an hour after I made mine. She laughed when I told her I bound off on the machine with the hanger inside of the yarn. She binds off and finishes by hand. 🙂

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