Passap Dishcloth using Tech 153


I am knitting up strips of fabric using the different techniques to help some new passap knitters. I came across this technique for a reversible fabric. Great technique for a dish cloth or wash cloth. I don’t check the yahoo passap files but I am sure that it is written somewhere , where the book is wrong on this technique but the console is right. The book says to knit four rows of KX/GX and 2 rows of KX/N. It is the opposite.You will find this out when you go to knit and the console tells you differently.

I used cotton and made this longer than the first one I did because of shrinkage. I have explained in the directions what happens when you knit using this technique. Great beginner project and watch what the machine is doing. My color one was pink and the one side comes out with the second color dominating. So if you want a certain color as the main one in the final outcome, put it in color two position. Here are the directions.


  1. Sherry Hogan Said:

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas, and try outs! Great tips too.

    • You’re welcome Sherry. I know it is basic but there are a lot of new knitters that want to knit something right away and this is a good way to learn. 🙂

      • Mary Lowe Said:

        This is such a good idea for beginners. Could you tell us which stitch pattern you used please as it is very pretty?

  2. Hi Mary, the technique is the stitch pattern. If you look at the instructions, it shows how to download into the console.
    Carol 🙂

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