Static Electricity on your knitting machine.

This is my continuing saga of my problem on my passap E6000 with an afghan  knitting pattern. Many of you have responded and I really appreciate the feedback. I am now on row 600 of that same afghan . I took suggestions and tried again. Here is what happened. I downloaded the pattern again, plugged the console into a power strip and not the wall outlet. When I came to the very same row as the error the first time, the same thing happened again. Here is what I did to try to continue. I went into win/crea and opened a new file. I went to the afghan  pattern and I copied the file up to the row with the error. I pasted that part into the new file. I went back to the afghan pattern and then copied the other part and pasted into the new file. Then I saved the new file and downloaded it. This worked until the next error. So the saga continues.

So I went online to see about grounding my machine. I found this site and it is pretty simple.

My girlfriend and I were discussing this yesterday also and here was what she said. When the patterns came out on discs, the authors had a glitch put into a track so that if the disk was copied , there would be errors. Another possibility is a magnet was near the disk. IF, and that is a big IF I finish this I will make another afghan of someone else’s and know for sure. Will keep you posted.


  1. Joyce Said:

    Hi Carol, I don’t know if this will add to your confusion, but I made two of Lydia’s afghans last August and they turned out just fine. Check that grounding because in the winter when it is so cold & dry, it will cause problems with the pushers. It happened to me before I bought the passap grounding wires. Hope you get the mystery solved.

    • Hi Joyce, my last lydia blanket came out fine also. I also made one of her afghans awhile back with no problems. How do you explain the fact that the pattern skips over on the exact same rows? That is why I have a little doubt. Also, there is no static on the yarn,it does not cling to everything. I also don’t get shocked when I walk around the room and then touch something metal. However,I will definitely ground the machine. 🙂
      Carol 🙂

  2. Ann Poprdan Said:

    Was your extension cord surge protected.although it is strange that it is the same row all the time.Have you tried asking Michael Becker or Scott (can’t remember his surname – senior moment)

    • Hi Ann, yes, the cord is surge protected on all of my machines. I think the Scott you are talking about and I can’t remember his name either,lol, has died. No, won’t bother Michael Becker. I will muddle through this and conquer!! hahaha

  3. Norma Rigg Said:

    I don’t know if this will help or not, but problems like this on other metal bed machine are often solved by running an anti-static laundry dryer sheet over the beds. I was skeptical myself until I tried it on a Brother and a Toyota and it worked.

  4. Jill Rashleigh Said:

    Hi – I wonder whether you have checked the sensor eye under the lock and made sure it is clean. There are 2 brushes on a bracket around the sensor. It has been discovered that these are not required and, in fact, often contribute to Error 200 as they can trap fluff. If they are in place, it might be a good idea to remove them. It seems to me that the problem occurs when the console miscounts the holes in the slotted rail and dirt or oil on the rail, the sensor or brushes could be the cause. I hope you get the problem sorted – Jill

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