Passap E6000 Lydias Afghans Series 4



I made another afghan because I have yarn that is multiplying as I type this. This is another one of Lydia’s pattern and I did not have pusher issues that I can see. It leads me to believe my previous problems with the afghan were the file. I love this design but the afghan was only 924 rows so it can only be used as a lap afghan or a chair back cover. I decided to make a pillow using one section of the pattern . I had the pillow form and put it on the afghan to figure what size I wanted it. Then I went into the program and copied and pasted into a new file just for the pillow. The pillow form was 16 by 16 and the size came out perfect . When I finished both squares(I knitted the same pattern for the back so it is reversible) I then placed wrong sides together and crocheted through both sides around the pillow. Before  closing the fourth side, I inserted the pillow.  The crocheting around the pillow took longer than it did to knit the two pieces. haha

I think the prettiest thing about the pattern is the color that I used for the leaves. It looks tan but it is a very very light color of olive green. The finished size is only 34 inches wide by 44 inches long.


  1. Dora Said:

    another very pretty lapghan love it

  2. Barbara Fletcher Said:

    It’s beautiful. Well done

  3. Florence Levy Said:

    Absolutely beautiful. What knitting technique did you use? I’m starting a 3-color afghan tomorrow. I have some of Lydia’s patterns, but I think they are two color. I’m thinking of using 195 as in “Instant Afghans.” I’ve never done a 3- color before. I’m using two strands of 2/24 for each color. I’ve used DAK and set it at 176 stitches and 240 rows. I’m hoping it will be very long for a tall friend. Any tips?

    • Hi Florence, I used technique 199. If you have 240 rows, multiply that by 6 and your total rows are 1,440. That is long but try to use all of the needles on the front bed. I used two strands of 2/24 also. If I were you, I would cast on and knit about 30 rows and take off machine to see what the width is. If it is not wider than 34 inches then you will have a long and narrow afghan. Don’t be afraid to try a three color. Just remember that each row takes six rows of knitting. I use blue strippers also.
      Good luck. Let me know how you come out.
      Carol 🙂

  4. Tina Ward Said:

    As always absolutely stunning!
    You certainly make me want to get in my machine and knit. Where can I find Lydia’s patterns? I would love to try knitting them.

  5. Mary Mac Said:

    What a stunning pattern, would look absolutey perfect on my purple sofa. Where oh where can I get the pattern please??
    Mary in England xx

  6. Marvin Luginbuhl Said:

    Hi Carol, Where do you purchase Lydias patterns? They are so beautiful I would like to try some. This is Marvin in Ohio, we met at the seminar over in Youngstown a couple of years ago. You were asking about purchasing a Duo 80 for a friend but then she decided not to get it. I love your blog and yesterday tried to knit the pattern you have on there for the blanket with boarders. It did not come out real good but I think my yarn was to heavy, so I am going to try again. Have a great day, Marv

  7. Joyce Said:

    Beautiful Carol! I have a book called “Prolific Knitter”. You do fit that description. Happy Knitting.

    • Joyce, you are too funny. I am just in love with this machine is all it is. lol oh, thank you!

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