PassapE6000, Lydias Afghans Series 3


Well, after one month of staying away from my Passap machine I decided to do something so I would not forget how to knit. You’re laughing…don’t , it happens. This is afghan B1B in series 3 of Lydia’s afghans. So, this afghan was going to be my “Shades of Grey” afghan until I took the three cones of grey into my knitting room and discovered that two of them were the same color. Oh gosh, is my eyesight going now?   The colors are slate grey, light grey and dark navy .The navy looks like black.

I started the afghan and reached row 452 when I saw that there was a mistake in the knitting. First I went and looked at the pattern on my computer and it was right. Then I figured out what row the mistake was on. I dropped the piece from the machine and started again. When I got to the same row I watched the front bed pushers and sure enough, three came up that were not supposed to be there. I was leary of the pattern now so I watched on every row where color one was for the diamonds. I ended up finding a mistake further along and took that pusher and put it out of pattern.  Then I found another mistake on color three on another row. I noticed twice that needle 52 was coming up a couple of times. I changed the pusher. It happened again later . Then when I was around row 850 I did not have any more problems. I knit 1393 rows. So, what caused the problem? There is no static electricity in the room I knit in. The room is on the cold side so was the console acting up? Is it the file? Is it the pushers ? Or is my machine like the car Christine and taking revenge on me since I have left her alone so long? Yep, I think that’s it!

The afghan came out perfect and I don’t see any more mistakes. If you look 2/3 of the way up the afghan, there are two diamonds with a totally different design. This is not a mistake. The afghan starts on the middle of that design! Weird.


  1. P. Taylor Said:

    At first glance I don’t see any mistakes. Beautifu.

  2. Dora Said:

    very pretty

  3. Jill Said:

    I too have had pusher problems like this on various patterns and have a tentative theory that the pushers have become more strongly magnetised than they should be and are not being pulled down when they should rather than being pushed up when they shouldn’t. When this happens I replace it with a spare, check the pusher and demagnetise it if ncessary. I try and keep an eye on the knitting although it is difficult to catch problems if you are using the motor. When I think a problem might be about to occur I switch to manual knitting. The afghan is beautiful and the colours are great together.

    • Wow Jill, I will buy into your theory. I just finished a second afghan and all went well. However, if a pusher came into work it would be hard to tell on this afghan. Will be posting it soon.
      Okay, now a dumb question. How do you demagnetize a pusher?
      Thank you for your input, it helps not only me but others as well. This was frustrating and took much longer to knit the afghan.
      Carol 🙂

  4. Barbara Fletcher Said:

    I feel the stitch pattern diagram is incorrect. The pattern repeats do not match on the rows. I have just had a look at it (copied from original disc many years ago to Designaknit) and you would need to select a single pattern repeat and re-save it.

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for your input. If it was the pattern, wouldn’t it show up in win/crea when I open it up? It makes sense though because when I started it the second time, the same thing happened on the same row. It would be hard to find one pattern repeat without mistakes though since it happened about six or seven times in other areas while I was knitting. I was lucky to see them in the repeats for two of the three colors.
      Carol 🙂

  5. Valery Roberts Said:

    Very pretty!

  6. Florence Levy Said:

    Another lovely afghan. I’m inspired and am going to try a 3-color. I’ve made several two color successfully, but for some reason have been afraid to attempt three. I’ve been looking at all my afghan pattern books and most are three color all-over patterns. I want to make mine white with a red and blue border and a team logo in blue and red,team name in red.

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