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Passap Valentine Mug Rug for the Beginner Passap Knitter

DSCF1736 (2)

My girlfriend and I are having a little knitting get together. You are all We have a woman coming that I have mentioned before and she is going to knit a mug rug from downloading the pattern to knitting the whole thing. I went into win/crea and made this valentine pattern. I wrote up the pattern for the very beginner passap knitter. The pattern will have you casting on without the console. Then the console is turned on and I walk you through the programming. You can take this pattern into your win/crea and design anything you want as long as you stay within 40 stitches and 26 rows to get this size. You can also make it larger and use as a hot pad.  I will be making a St. Patrick day mug rug also. I love to use mug rugs in my house. I have glass tops on my tables and when I set a cup down I can’t stand the sound . It sounds like I am slamming the cup down.

Oh, an update for you: Thank you for all your input on my problem with my afghan. I dreaded going back in and knitting again in case it was something major. I took off the brush near the sensor eye and it had four little specs of that tweed yarn on it. I think the issue was the pile up of these little specks on the sensor eye brush. I am still not convinced file is okay though. hahaha, the stubborn German in me coming out. My machine is knitting fine once again.

This is my design so if you sell them, please give credit to the link to my drop box for  the mug rug pattern directions and bmp file.

I am having trouble with the link to drop box. Try this link below. If it does not work, email me and I will send the files and instructions to you.




I Apologize to Lydia


I grounded my machine with copper wires following the instructions from that web site I posted . I used yarn spray on my yarn. My cones of yarn sit on a board that has rods for cones of yarn and…..the problem continued. I kept getting error 200 and I kept cleaning the rails and the sensor eye. I was going to tell you that I think the problem was that really pretty tweed yarn that is the main color. It has little flecks of color that are NOT woven into the yarn. I would see them drop on the bed, not like snow coming down, but I would blow them off. They were also backing up on my yarn discs on the masts but not in great bundles. I could blame the yarn but this was happening during the grey and navy afghan. It did not happen to the rose afghan I made in-between.

One problem might be that I really oiled the machine before the first afghan since the machine was sitting for over a month not being used. I did not oil on the second afghan or this one. I also have one brush by the sensor eye and it was suggested that these can cause the problem.  I am going to remove the one brush. If the problem persists then I will do what Joyce said. She said it could be the chip in the console or the curly cord. I do have spare locks and a curly cord so I can try that . If that fails, I will send an email to Pat Groves. Today or tomorrow I am going to go knit something else just to see what happens.

I was able to finish the afghan but missed one section where the pattern moved over and no error occurred(bottom picture). I was just going to give this to the Purple Heart Veterans but then decided to try duplicate stitch since the error was not too bad. It occurred between the two cranberry middle diamonds so it is not so obvious .

So, I don’t think the problem was the file even though the error occurred three times on the same row. My apologies Lydia! lolIMG_20160121_203818032~2


Static Electricity on your knitting machine.

This is my continuing saga of my problem on my passap E6000 with an afghan  knitting pattern. Many of you have responded and I really appreciate the feedback. I am now on row 600 of that same afghan . I took suggestions and tried again. Here is what happened. I downloaded the pattern again, plugged the console into a power strip and not the wall outlet. When I came to the very same row as the error the first time, the same thing happened again. Here is what I did to try to continue. I went into win/crea and opened a new file. I went to the afghan  pattern and I copied the file up to the row with the error. I pasted that part into the new file. I went back to the afghan pattern and then copied the other part and pasted into the new file. Then I saved the new file and downloaded it. This worked until the next error. So the saga continues.

So I went online to see about grounding my machine. I found this site and it is pretty simple.

My girlfriend and I were discussing this yesterday also and here was what she said. When the patterns came out on discs, the authors had a glitch put into a track so that if the disk was copied , there would be errors. Another possibility is a magnet was near the disk. IF, and that is a big IF I finish this I will make another afghan of someone else’s and know for sure. Will keep you posted.

I am finished with Lydia!!!


I started another afghan in Lydia’s Afghan Series 3. I just took a quick picture with my phone so you can’t see the main color, but the colors are really pretty. The main color is a light tan with specks of turquoise and wine in it. I love the pattern. BUT….it happened again. My pattern went off by a stitch . You can see where it happened where the arrows are. I don’t know that I want to try anymore of her patterns if this is what will always happen. So, my next project will be another afghan just to make sure it is not my knitting machine. What I don’t get is that when I bring the pattern into win/crea, there are no errors in the pattern. So again, machine or pattern?

Passap E6000 Lydias Afghans Series 4



I made another afghan because I have yarn that is multiplying as I type this. This is another one of Lydia’s pattern and I did not have pusher issues that I can see. It leads me to believe my previous problems with the afghan were the file. I love this design but the afghan was only 924 rows so it can only be used as a lap afghan or a chair back cover. I decided to make a pillow using one section of the pattern . I had the pillow form and put it on the afghan to figure what size I wanted it. Then I went into the program and copied and pasted into a new file just for the pillow. The pillow form was 16 by 16 and the size came out perfect . When I finished both squares(I knitted the same pattern for the back so it is reversible) I then placed wrong sides together and crocheted through both sides around the pillow. Before  closing the fourth side, I inserted the pillow.  The crocheting around the pillow took longer than it did to knit the two pieces. haha

I think the prettiest thing about the pattern is the color that I used for the leaves. It looks tan but it is a very very light color of olive green. The finished size is only 34 inches wide by 44 inches long.

PassapE6000, Lydias Afghans Series 3


Well, after one month of staying away from my Passap machine I decided to do something so I would not forget how to knit. You’re laughing…don’t , it happens. This is afghan B1B in series 3 of Lydia’s afghans. So, this afghan was going to be my “Shades of Grey” afghan until I took the three cones of grey into my knitting room and discovered that two of them were the same color. Oh gosh, is my eyesight going now?   The colors are slate grey, light grey and dark navy .The navy looks like black.

I started the afghan and reached row 452 when I saw that there was a mistake in the knitting. First I went and looked at the pattern on my computer and it was right. Then I figured out what row the mistake was on. I dropped the piece from the machine and started again. When I got to the same row I watched the front bed pushers and sure enough, three came up that were not supposed to be there. I was leary of the pattern now so I watched on every row where color one was for the diamonds. I ended up finding a mistake further along and took that pusher and put it out of pattern.  Then I found another mistake on color three on another row. I noticed twice that needle 52 was coming up a couple of times. I changed the pusher. It happened again later . Then when I was around row 850 I did not have any more problems. I knit 1393 rows. So, what caused the problem? There is no static electricity in the room I knit in. The room is on the cold side so was the console acting up? Is it the file? Is it the pushers ? Or is my machine like the car Christine and taking revenge on me since I have left her alone so long? Yep, I think that’s it!

The afghan came out perfect and I don’t see any more mistakes. If you look 2/3 of the way up the afghan, there are two diamonds with a totally different design. This is not a mistake. The afghan starts on the middle of that design! Weird.