Passap And Brother Knitted Santa Scarves


I wanted to hurry and knit these scarves for my nephews  daughter and girlfriend .  The pattern is adapted from a circular sock machine pattern. You can find a free pattern for it that is similar at this link:

or you can google “machine knitted Santa Scarf” and you will see several similar and different ones.

I used yarn that I had except for the white that is called pipsqueak. I bought it at Joanne fabric store on sale for 2.69. The large red one is  Red Heart and so is the white for pompom.

I used 44 stitches and tension 6 on the Bulky. On the passap I used the same amount of stitches and used a 3 ply yarn at tension 5..  I knitted the faces to the brim and then re hung stitches and knitted circular for about 250 rows(500)

I did the white beard for both of them on the Bulky machine . For the little scarf I used 22 stitches on the bulky  to fit the width of the one for the passap.

I know my nephew will laugh and his girlfriend is so cute she will love it.


  1. Teresa Said:

    Very Cute!!!

  2. Gillian Pearson Said:

    These are soo cute and cheerful …!!!

  3. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    So cute! I have made these on my sock machine from the original pattern from Madonna, thanks for sharing your version.

    • Thank you, do you know where I can find the pattern you used? I have a sock machine.
      Carol 🙂

  4. Heidi Said:

    Thank you for the nice xmas gift, will make all of the scarves for my family and friends. There are even rheindeers.

    • Hi Heidi, I have not seen the reindeer one. I made these scarves to be funny. My nephews girlfriend is so cute and she will do goofy things. I know she will laugh when she sees this and she will wear it. 🙂

      • Heidi Said:

        there is a whole bunch on a rack in one of the pictures, nutcrackers, elves candy canes etc. They look easy. Is one ball of red worsted 268 yds enough
        my husband won’t let me buy more yarn and Michaels has a 50% 0ff coupon lol

      • Hi, Shame on your husband. Doesn’t he know that we do this to keep up our good mental health? lol
        I did not weigh my scarf to see how much yarn I used but the skein I used was 364 yards and I had plenty left over. So I think you would have enough. Just check out some scarf patterns on line and see how much yarn they use.
        Carol 🙂

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