Passap 2 Color Fairisle Jacket




I saw this sweater in my folder of  “to do”  items and I thought I would just knit this up one, two ,three. Wrong.  I did my tension swatch and I used 60 stitches instead of 40. That was a good thing. Stitch gauge came out more accurate. I was also lucky because  the pattern fit perfectly into my size so the side seams and shoulders matched.  The yarn is Bramwell and the color is black and cranberry, not red. The pattern is from Machine Knit America Vol 2 #5 and it is called Warm & Wearable by Betty Null. It is a two color fairisle and Technique 180.

I decided to knit the easiest part first, the back. Well, when I got to the underarms I realized that I had to do a cheat sheet for the decreases because you have to knit four rows  with two colors for one row of design.  That took a little time. When I got to the top of the back it says to take the middle stitches off on waste yarn. I realized then that you can’t short row the neck so that there is a one inch drop when doing fairisle on two beds.  Okay, I will do that even though I know I need the one inch drop. This might be different because it is a jacket . Wrong. I needed the one inch drop so I did a cut and sew.

Now I knit the right and left sides but I had to be careful to adjust the weights so that the front pieces didn’t elongate as I was knitting up to the shoulders. I managed that  but then I had to do another cheat sheet because the front decreases were being worked at the same time the underarm stitches were being decreased.

Now I am finished with the fronts and the back and ready to join the shoulders. And this is the part I liked but was afraid of how it would look. You are working on both beds and on the last row of the second color you transfer the back bed stitches to the front bed and knit one row and take off on waste yarn.  THEN… kitchener stitch the shoulder seams! Just like the toe of a sock. Okay, I did that and I really like it. I usually put one set of shoulder stitches on the needles behind the latches and then hang the second set and pull those stitches through and bind off.

Now the bands. I felt the directions for the band were vague sort of like Vogue sewing patterns. Well I have made a ton of sweaters so I thought how hard can this be. Well, I did one band over twice on the neck since it was too wide using just the stitches on the waste yarn. I had to double up quite a few stitches and then attached the band. I did one front band and then the other . I did not like the look of them since they seemed too flimsy. So off they all came and I did them with two strands of yarn and they are perfect weight.  Now I only have the sleeves to do.

Only, hah! They took longer to do then the other pieces! I had to do more cheat sheets and it took forever to do the increases going up the sleeve and then the decreasing on the sleeve cap on double beds. Now I attach the sleeves and there is too much bulk under the arms. So I hung the sleeve seams on the machine taking them in and it turned out perfect. I then serged the inner sleeve seam so it was not thick . The greatest thing about this sweater is that after all of that work it fits me perfectly!  It also looks better since I lost 10 pounds. lol   I found a simple silver closure that I liked for the front at JoAnn fabrics.

I don’t want to discourage anyone because this is easy. It just takes time. 🙂

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  1. Tina Said:

    Wow this looks great!
    Not only are you very clever (working out all the cheats you need)
    But also very patient it certainly pays off
    You have a lovely end product that fits perfectly.

    • Thank you. I don’t know about clever. It is more like desperate! Lol

  2. Donna Said:

    I love your patience!!! And your knowledge!! Cheat sheets would be beyod me!!!

  3. Carol Ann Emerick Said:

    Beautiful work! All the care you took really made this special.

  4. masion65 Said:

    So lovely!

  5. Yvonne Said:

    You inspire me, thank you for telling all the tricks (pitfalls) to help us not give up in dispair.
    Well done

    • Thank you Yvonne. Don’t ever give up in despair unless your blood pressure has sky rocketed and family is hiding and afraid to come out! My friend and I always say if you have cried while knitting you probably own a passap. My friend and I were able to get a woman up and running with the cable on her passap but she had spent many hours crying in frustration because there were so many reasons why she could not download. Then she could not knit and it turned out she just needed to oil the machine. 🙂

  6. rainbird777 Said:

    Love your jacket, congratulations for a job well done. I would like to take you up on one comment that you had to adjust the weights on the fronts so that they didn’t elongate the fabric. Quite right, when using weights on a narrower piece of knitting you must adjust weights BUT! Do you know that you can knit beautifully on the Passap without any weights whatsoever, that is the beauty of this machine. No weights, no stretching and it is so much easier to knit when you don’t need to consider weights. As a long time Passap knitter, I only ever used weights when knitting ribbed skirts and that was to get all the lengthwise stretch out of them so they wouldn’t drop in wearing. Do give it a try, I am sure you will be delighted with it. That is what makes the Passap so special – it was designed to knit WITHOUT weights and that includes DJ and tuck stitch 😀

    • Hi, yes I have heard about knitting without weights but afraid to try it especially with an afghan tuck stitch. lol If I do a garment again, yes, I would try it. It makes sense on getting a garment to the true gauge. I guess old “Brother ” habits are hard to break. 🙂

      • rainbird777 Said:

        Do give it a try, you will like it, it just makes knitting and shaping on the Passap so much easier because you don’t have to keep adjusting the weights when shaping. The strippers were designed to take the place of the strippers. Sadly I sold my Passap when downsizing, a decision I have regretted ever since. I kept the Brother but I really miss the E6000 and the beautiful DJ it makes possible. 😀

      • Thank you for your information. I absolutely love my passap . I don’t know if I could give the passap up. I will never do DJ on my brother. I admire anyone who does. My favorite machines now are the passap and the Bulky. I use the Brother when I make my fine knit lace slipper socks and when I want to do something quickly. It is getting so bad for me now since I have a sock machine, and a felting machine. I am like an ADHD child and don’t know what hobby to do every day. lol Maybe someday you will stumble onto another passap. hmm? 🙂

  7. Joyce Said:

    Lovely jacket! Like the red & black too. I will have to get out my MKA magazine when I get back to MN. I keep all your posts and need to start a folder for all of them. Keep them coming. I love to see what you have come up with next.

    • Hi Joyce, thank you. I found out the color is raspberry and I thought it was cranberry. ha,ha

  8. Elie Said:

    HI Carol – I have been trying to find an easy pattern to use for a poncho. I used Lion Brand L50143 on my Passap. I used Rayito and I love it. I CO 1X1 – 4 1/2 SS going up to & 7 1/2 SS, L 40 / R 42 needles. Mine was 15″ – needs a few more sts to bring it to 16″. Look at the 2nd page which is really cute. I thought you might be able to use this in some way. Passap patterns are hard to find!!

    Also, L60615 would make a nice cover-up. Thanks for your postings down thru the years. Ellie Peterson

  9. Thank you Elie, I found the first pattern but did not see second page. I do like Rayito but never used it on the passap. Rayito also goes a long way. I made a sweater for hubby and he was large at the time and I had left over yarn.
    Carol 🙂

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