How to shorten a garment after it is sewn together

finished attaching hem

I went to the ladies house that had come to my house and Sheila and I had a wonderful time.(We also met up with two knitters from our old guild that had stopped meeting and that added to the excitement). Her name is Patty and she was a wonderful hostess. We came away with mugs with our names on them that she had made, Halloween candy, an angel she made with jewelry beads .She gave us a bag to carry it all with her home town on it with a picture of a covered bridge that still stands there complete with the walk for pedestrians to use that runs along  the side. And of course, she gave me the felting machine that I can’t wait to try. She baked cookies and ordered pizza for our lunch. She also had a tray of cheese and crackers and spinach dip! My favorite. We met her husband Greg and her doggie Bosco and her parrot Howie. They all behaved while we were there in her home. LOL

After we stuffed ourselves she took us to her woman cave . It is her whole basement and her hubby only  gets one small corner. She showed us her knitting machines, embroidery machine, her kiln, her potters wheel, her egg cutting station and all of her other hobbies.

Patty told me she had not shortened the sleeves on the sweater yet so I told her I would do it. I decided to document this so that if you ever need to do it, don’t fret, it is very easy. I just had a small hem on the sleeves but if you have ribbing you can do it the same way. Then you would re hang the sleeve and attach the rib. If you don’t like a bound off edge on the inside you could rehang the sleeve stitches and take off on waste yarn and then Kitchener stitch the cuff to it. You can also do this on a sweater length. Maybe you have a long style and don’t want it long anymore. Or you made it from cotton and it is stretching too long . I would encourage all of you to try it once on a tension swatch just to see how easy it is and not to be afraid to try it. If you are using acrylic you might want to lightly steam the stitches where you are going to remove the hem so that the stitches don’t unravel.

Here are pictures and a word document at this drop box link explaining how to do it. 🙂

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