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Felted Autumn Messenger Bag



This is my latest felting creation. I used the same pattern that I made for another felted purse. That pattern might be in my blog. I saw the idea for the design on the front cover of a knitting magazine. That picture of the front of a sweater just used the two colors of the purse for the leaves. It needed more color so I made my leaves in fall colors. I put swivel hooks on the strap that disconnect. I have a short handle and a longer handle in case someone wants to have a messenger bag. I also put a brown sport zipper in the top for total closure. I also have felted acorns hanging from the hook on the left side of the purse. I had a woman that bought a purse from me with those on it and she said everyone she got a comment from on the purse said they liked the acorns. When I showed her the purse when I first finished, she told me to put the acorns on. The color of the purse is Natures brown and Oatmeal. It is really hard to get a picture of the brown yarn. For the diagonal design I knitted intarsia, decreasing every two rows. I decreased one stitch and knitted two rows, then I decreased two stitches and knit two rows. I continued that way so that the diagonal would go all the way to the right corner in the number of rows I had to work with.

Bramwell’s Sable Crepe Sweater on the Brother 940



Sandi Prosser's Hand Knitted Draped Vest

Sandi Prosser’s Hand Knitted Draped Vest

Okay, I have been knitting . I saw the sweater  made up of a pattern I have called Slanted Rib Jacket by Nancy Roberts. You can see it at     However, the person that made it substituted lace for the rib. Okay, that is beautiful. I will do that. I spent four to five days taking my time to make it. The bottom lace was over 800 knitted rows. I finished it and put it on and I should have heeded one womans comment on this sweater which was it does nothing for her . And It does nothing for me!!! I used Bramwell’s Sable Crepe yarn and the drape was beautiful. The color was a tan. Even though the price of the yarn says 25.00 on the cone, I did not want to take it apart and start over. I also made the arms too long which is no problem to shorten since the arms are skinny. So I put it on my mannequin form and decided that I would shorten the arms and give it to good will.

One week later, a woman that lives an hour away found me in the yahoo groups and called me. She has a  passap and wanted to come over . So she came over along with my other girlfriend and we had a really nice day.  She saw this sweater on the form and absolutely loved it. She tried it on and it fit like I knit it for her. So she took it home even though I told her I would shorten the sleeves first. It looked nice on her because she has nice shoulders-I have none. I hope to get a picture of her in that sweater so you can see it.    Now, this Saturday, my girlfriend and I are going to her house to see if we can help her hook up her computer to download. But the best thing is that she asked if I felted. Of course…..she said she has a felting machine she got at a garage sale for five dollars, never used and she  is giving it to me . WHoooo Hooooo Merry Christmas to me.

Okay, enough of that. Meanwhile, I saw a vest that was a hand knitting pattern and decided to use the same lace pattern for the front that I did on the slanted rib jacket. It is pattern 103 on The Brother electronic machine.  I used  Bramwell’s sable crepe in silver or gray. It fits me, and  I like it but it does not look  that good on me.  It also fits my shoulders much better but I don’t know if I will wear it. I think I may make a belt that just goes around the outside and see how I feel about it then. I knitted the fronts placing the lace pattern only on one side of zero so there is no seam joining the lace to the jacket.

Okay, this morning I decided to make a belt and I like it now. Here is the picture of the  vest that is hand knit with wool and a basketweave pattern .I was about to do the same front and then noticed one side is completely different than the other. Well, leave it to me to change it and not like my outcome.  I added the lace design on the sleeve bottoms. And the sleeves are the right length this time. Again, the yarn weight and drape feel heavenly

I think I need to go shopping and try sweaters on to see if the look is right for me before doing another.