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Passap Knitted Ice Skate Ornament with Carpet Stitch cuff


Okay, I know you were expecting a lot more in knitting from me. The truth is that I want to get knitting more but we are working on our house. I just finished staining all the woodwork for 9 doors and baseboards.

So I was able to play around in between the staining and varnishing. I know I need to get a life when I look at the hours I spent  to get this little ornament knitted. I think it is cute though so time was not wasted. I got the idea from a magazine picture of a felted ice skate. This can be knitted on any machine but you would have to do a different cuff. The cuff is the carpet stitch and I used the stitch ditcher attachment but you don’t need one to do this. It is just faster and easier with one. The great thing about this carpet stitch cuff  is that it curls around the top of the skate body by itself.  I tried making this four times and the best way to knit it is to knit the cuff, take off on waste yarn and then knit the shoe part from the bottom up so you are doing decreases instead of increases. I then Kitchener stitched the cuff to the body, hung the sides on machine with right sides together and bound off and then when I came to the bottom where the waste yarn was I bound off two stitches at a time. Turn in side out and stuff lightly. I made laces with the white yarn. Pompoms would look cute on the ends of the laces. Or you could put a pompom on the toe like I used to do eons ago when I used to roller skate. The yarn I used was called flash I believe. It has a very pretty sparkle to it. The cuff has sparkle in it but it is hard to see in my picture.  If you want to make it here are my pattern instructions in my drop box.

Warm Neck Warmer



Craftsy Blog inspired me for this neck warmer. It is a free pattern that you have to make from a graph. The author is Linda Reynolds. Here is the link to the instructions and pictures.

There are instructions and  some pictures in my drop box showing how I made mine. .

At first I thought about figuring out how to knit the pattern starting at the point and increasing and then decreasing. Then I thought about felting one side of it and fleece for the other side. I did not want to use a thick wool . I have some Jaggerspun  wool that is finer and was quite expensive so I  did not want to use it for the first attempt at this. I used a 3/12 acrylic yarn and I like the way it turned out. When I make this again I might try rounded corners for easier turning. I had the do it yourself covered buttons so I covered the button with the knitted yarn fabric but I put a light weight interfacing on the purl side .  When sewing the pieces together I did not cut out the pattern piece from the big square on the knitted piece. I sewed the two pieces together, then did an over lock stretch stitch around the whole piece and THEN I cut off the excess. This feels so soft and wonderful around my neck. This is going to be great when I take the dog for a walk in the winter time. I hate a cold neck. This would be great for a hunter too maybe in camo fleece and matching yarn . I hope you try this since it is easy to knit a square piece of fabric, easy to sew two pieces together, warm and functional and stylish at the same time.

Felted Wristlet, Lined with Needle Felted Retro Design

felted wristletwithneedlefelting

I was having fun making the quilted wristlets and decided to sew one instead of trying to write up a knitted pattern and sew it together before felting. I had fun making this. The finished bag is 9 inches wide by 7 inches tall. It is lined with a grey black and white fabric. To make this I took one ball of Paton’s classic wool in gray .(3.5 ounces) I cast on 30-30 on the bulky machine and then knitted until I almost ran out leaving enough to cast off. I used loosest mast tension and tension 9 to knit. I felted it in the washing machine and came out with a piece of wool about 10 to 11 inches wide  and  about 15 or 16 inches in length. I cut two inches off of side to use for the strap. The other piece was used for the body of the bag. I used a rotary cutter to square it up. I love the way the zippers are done on the quilted wristlets and I decided to do it the same way on the bag. What a breeze to do. It is easy when the zipper is not at the top for opening.  I did not top stitch since I don’t like the way the stitching looks and it is hard to sew in a straight line on felted fabric. I had the lining together with the fabric when I sewed in the zipper. I needle felted a retro design that I purchased from the  web site Dreamstime  before sewing the side seams. The only thing I did not like is that  after you have the zipper in you turn it inside out and sew the side seams with right sides together. That means that you see the raw edges on the inside. To remedy that, I took a 1&1/2 inch piece of lining fabric and cut it the height of the seam. I folded it in half lengthwise and pressed it. Then I opened it up and folded each raw edge of the material to the fold line and ironed it. I enclosed the side seams in by folding it over the seam and top stitching. The inside looks nicely finished.  The handle is a cut piece of wool and it looked unfinished as a strap and I did not want rope handle. I just took black wool yarn and overcast up and down both sides of the strap. I know a lot of you are not into felting and sewing and this is a lot of work. If you want the directions for the zipper just go to you tube and look up quilted Zipper bag and you will find a lot of tutorials. I can’t find the link for the pattern that I have that shows it step by step.

I’mmmmmmm Back!!


You probably didn’t even miss me these last two months! Hubby is much stronger now and even though he is high maintenance, I am glad to still have him. 🙂

I had the urge to sew and that is what I have been doing. If you go to my Etsy store you can see the items I have been sewing. I made sewing caddies and had to make one for my sister and 3 friends.

Actually , I did knit this scarf and fingerless gloves (free patterns somewhere in my blog)  but had to wait for my favorite vine-the autumn clematis to bloom so I could take pictures. Ha, Ha, just kidding. I do  love this vine and I have 18 of them in my yard! The last 15 to grow started on their own and then I transplanted them. I have quite a few in my back yard going up the fence posts.

Where was I ? Oh, I am getting back to my knitting since it is still my number one favorite thing  to do. I will post my next two projects that I had fun doing combining knitting with sewing.  The first is a wristlet that I mad by first  knitting  the fabric, felting it  and then sewing it. The second I just love and hope you make one. It is a neck warmer made with one side knitted and the other side fleece.

Hope you come back ! 🙂