Hairpin Lace Hem on Knitted Sweaters




I have been working diligently in my yard and enjoying it so you aren’t seeing too much knitting from me lately. It rained today so I had a little time to fool around after I cleaned the house and made some soup.

I have cleaned up my knitting room hundreds of times and I come across the hairpin lace tool. Do you think I can find it now? No! So I used a large cable holder (I think that is what it is) and tried hairpin lace again like I did hundreds of years ago…well…not that long ago.

I have a book called The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred Graves Ryan that has 687 pages of all stitch crafts. I opened it up and it came to hairpin lace used as a scalloped edging. I decided to try it. It is not perfect because of the tool I used and I have not done it in so long . In fact, thank goodness for you tube! lol

The tool is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom but you get the idea. I tried adding beads but these don’t make it.

To make the edging this is what you do.  Once you make the hairpin lace you keep the work on the tool and chain 6 and single crochet through three loops on one side of tool. Chain 6 and repeat until you are at the bottom. Take work off tool. I had a swatch for a buttonhole with cables and found the same red yarn so I attached the hairpin lace and finished the edging at the same time. I crocheted into the hem three times. Then * I put the hook through three loops (on the edge you did not do the scallops) and crocheted a stitch. Crochet three stitches in hem** and repeat  from * to **  I could see this in a sweater made of cotton. Also, I  would not put this on a sweater that had this kind of front band.

You can also see how my stitches are not in the center on some of them. Told you it has been awhile since I did it. 🙂








  1. Andrea Said:

    I like the result! I never would have thought to use hairpin lace as an edging!

    • I do too Andrea. If I had the proper tool and was more even with the middle crotches it would have looked better. Later I will email you the picture in the book of it. 🙂

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