Passap Knitted Mary Jane Booties

Mary Jane Booties Made on the Passap

Mary Jane Booties Made on the Passap

How cute is this???? My friend Jacqui in Arizona sent me this hand out for these adorable little booties. Now I know I am a complainer but there are no complaints on this bootie! I did not put the button or flower on the strap yet because I could not wait to share this with you.

This pattern is an altered version from Kathe Keck’s Passap Workshop. I just used 2 strands of 2/24 for trying this out. The pattern is for E 6000 and DM 80. The pattern has detailed instructions and terms used are on the last page. There was only one spot that was unclear but upon reading the next line it explained. When you get to the part at the toe and start decreasing, you will decrease one stitch on both beds both sides. When you do the second decrease, that is where it tells you that. This was fun to make and now I want to do an afghan with these booties to go with it. These would look cute with a scalloped cast on also.

Oh, the strap is not knitted in the bootie. It is separate and makes it look all the more authentic.

Here are the instructions in my drop box. You can thank Jacqui for this. lol 🙂


  1. Heidi Said:

    these are so cute Thank you

  2. Heidi Said:

    do an afghan lovely with just the border and the centre the same. nice baby gift

  3. Linda Lanese Said:

    Very cute 🙂 I am not getting your news letter 😦

  4. Valery Roberts Said:

    Thanks I hope I can do this sometime. Thanks for sharing. They are so cute. Valery R.

  5. aaltje Said:

    Thank you Carol and Jacqui! I love them.

    • That was nice that you thanked Jacqui too! You’re welcome. 🙂 Hope you try them.

  6. kmederich Said:

    This is REALLY cute! Thank you so much for sharing! I have never knitted on a Passap but have both Brother and Singer machines. Would this be difficult to change the instructions for those machines?

    • Hi Kelly, I don’t see why you could not do it on the Brother standard machine. You will just have to be sure to hold the ribber stitches down when knitting on the ribber only. Do you want me to convert for you if I can?
      Carol 🙂

      • kmederich Said:

        That would be wonderful!! I don’t know anything about Passaps. Thank you! BTW… I love your blog!

  7. Lucy Barnes Said:

    These are so cute. But after finding these on needles of steel titled mary Jane’s for brother and then looking at the pattern before I started on them. Now left feeling disappointed 😑

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