Baby’s First Cable Cardigan – Machine Knit from Hand Knit Pattern

Knit on the Bulky

Knit on the Bulky

I saw this pattern at a hand knitting seminar a year ago. I went to the same seminar with my friend about a month ago and I bought the pattern. I wanted to convert it to machine knitting. The pattern is designed by Diane Kostecki. It is available through Kalamazoo Knits. The sweater is knitted from the sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff all in one piece. I chose to knit to the middle of the back yoke on both sleeves and then kitchener stitched the two together.

I made the first sample with old yarn that I use for scrap yarn. I used my passap machine for it. I did not have trouble crossing the cables with the acrylic yarn.  A couple of things I did not like. The 1X1 ribbing seems too flimsy and the 2X1 that I used on the second is too large BUT that is because of the yarn I used using the Bulky. I also  did not like how the purl stitch was carried across the back yoke. I eliminated that. Too much bulk at the neck. By eliminating that , it does not look funny . I made this twice and I don’t like the band done as all one. I don’t like seams in ribbing but if I make this for someone, I will do the two front bands and then the neck. In order for the band to curve at the beginning of the neck, the stitches really stretched. In my sample, there is a mistake on the left side . crossed the cable wrong and also one of the purl needles accidentally got pushed out of work. It was okay since this was just scrap yarn and trying to convert pattern. This is just to show how the original pattern comes out. In the pictures in drop box you will see what I am talking about on the back yoke with the two  purl stitches going across the back.

Another thing I don’t like about hand knitting patterns is when there are  no schematics . 😦  Okay, I am done complaining. lol

Sample made on the Passap

Sample made on the Passap

I knit the good sweater on the Bulky since the pattern calls for 5 stitches to the inch. That is what I got with Bernat sport yarn on tension 3. The yarn looks and feels like cotton and it has white specks in it that you can’t see in the picture. The bad thing is that it was too hard to cross three stitch cables so I did a progressive cable so it was not hard on the machine.  If you want to try this out I have written up the pattern with the changes and put pictures with it to show you how it is knitted and assembled. My sweater  came out 9 inches wide and the newborn size is supposed to fit a finished chest size of 18 so I was okay with tension.

Here are the directions in my drop box.



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Adorable ! Wish I was that tiny 🙂 Was there a diagram under the assembly? For the band (s). I did not see it.
    Thanks !

    • No, I forgot to put it on. I just hung one half of the sweater to the middle of the neck. Then I marked down how many stitches I used for the neck, decrease area and front. Then I doubled that number.
      Only YOU would catch that lol

  2. threadlady Said:

    I saved the .docx, but it won’t open.

    • It is a word document. I will save as a jpeg and send it to you. 🙂

      • When I took it and saved as a jpg file it loses the color. Try opening it on the computer and then you can copy and paste it into your word program. 🙂

  3. Sigrid Lefebvre Said:

    Out of interest I added the neck stitches together. I get 76 stitches to your 86 stitches.Sigrid Lefebvre

    Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 17:18:24 +0000 To:

  4. Yep, my brain is fried. No drugs either. lol Thank you. I corrected it. I am glad you people are on the ball. 🙂

    • Susan McBean Said:

      Ha, ha…we are just trying to keep up with you ! Reading is the easy part ! 🙂

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