Non Roll Edge for Machine Knitting

Knit Side

Knit Side

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Purl Side



I came across a non roll edge in Knitting Machine News and Views. I just used a bulky yarn to see how this would turn out. On the side that you want your non roll edge, just pull out 2,3,or 4 stitches at the edge to hold position. Take a separate piece of yarn and e wrap those needles and knit one row. Then reverse e wrap those same stitches going back. Continue e wrapping for entire length. This might not be new to a lot of you but what I noticed when I was done was the really nice spaces if you wanted to crochet your edge . The e wrapping gives it stability and prevents curling of the edge if you do too many crochets on an edge without this technique. I crocheted a row and chained three for a buttonhole. Then I chained a second row. This is an ideal way to do a band especially if you don’t have a ribber.

Of course, if you are using the passap you would e wrap but  not put the needles to hold.


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Your button holes are super sweet !

  2. Aaltje Said:

    Can you tell how to ewrap on a Passap? I used the other method you mentioned (of Dianne Sullivan) and that became a succes. Thank you!

  3. Ginny Beltz Said:

    Can you please explain what you mean by “reverse e wrap”?

    • Hi Ginny, When e wrapping you wrap around the needles going to the right. The extra yarn would then be on needle 3 for example after wrapping the three end needles. So now, after you knit the row, You will now be wrapping the three needles going to your left. Same procedure going in different direction. Does this make sense?
      Carol 🙂

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