Wool Knitted Short Jacket on Brother Bulky



I started this jacket a couple of weeks back. It was supposed to be a vest at first. It did not look good as a vest (on me that is)so I let it sit unfinished and thought it would go in the scrap pile. Then I decided to put sleeves on it. The idea behind this  project was to try Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge for the front band and to put a zipper in the way that I posted on my blog in October 17, 2014.

So….now that it is finished,  it is good for walking the dog. lol

I used Lyon Brand wool Natural. I used tension 4. The cuffs and bottom band start out every other needle . The zipper is cream even though it looks white. I wanted the jacket this length but it should be about an inch longer.  I  think the downfall on the zipper was the non roll edge. I was afraid to put the edge over the zipper in case it got caught in the yarn. The funny thing is how the neck turned out. It is the same Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge pattern done horizontally and more rows. I was really surprised it did not match the front when I finished with it. I liked it though and went ahead and attached it using the sandwich method(Not cut and sew). I figured if I wore it open, I did not want a seam showing. I think it is plain but don’t know that embellishing would help. ?

It fits and the arms look long but I have long arms and it is perfect length. At least I finished it and don’t have a guilty feeling hanging over me that it was scrapped.DSCF0290


  1. Heidi Said:

    very nice, leave it plain

  2. Gill Pearson Said:

    I think this is really chic … it doesn’t bother me that the collar looks different – its stylish – well done. You are opening new doors for everyone with your ideal !!

    • Thank you. I really appreciate the comments on the effort I put into things. 🙂

  3. Cheryl Said:

    I think the way the collar turned out add a nice fashion detail and I think the zipper looks just fine.

  4. Anne Said:

    love it. what did you do to the neck looks different…

    • Hi Anne, thank you. I knitted the neck horizontally instead of vertically . I followed the same transfers in the needle group and ended up with this design. I was surprised when I saw it. It actually scallops around the finished edge. 🙂

  5. That jacket looks absolutely beautiful, for much more occasions than only walking the dog 🙂
    To me it has a Chanel-kind-of-shape, very clear and with a more modern twist due to the zipper.
    Very well done!

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