Passap Afghan “Fans” by Michael Becker


I had to make another afghan for the other grand daughter of a friend of mine. The first  girl liked black and cream. This girl likes black and white. The pattern is from Michael Beckers book Passap Instant Afghans Book 4.

I have made this before but I thought I would post this since I see a lot of people asking what tensions to start with on the passap.

I used two strands of 2/24. I don’t like the racking cast on. I did a circular cast on. First row N/N 3, CX/CX  4,  N/N  5/4…

Main tension is 5/4…      I  had all needles in work except the last one on the back bed on the right. Both end needles are on the front bed.

Tension Mast 1-5,  Tension Mast 2-6

When programming the console, when it asks position I put in 1-

The pattern is 179 stitches and this will center it.  I finished this afghan in one hour  and got a wonderful work out! Felt like I was having a ten minute hot flash. 🙂

I used Michael Becker’s cast off but I took off on waste yarn circular so I would not have to bend over the machine. I then sat and latch tooled only the front bed stitches. Removed waste yarn and finished.This has not been blocked yet.


  1. What a Beauty!

  2. Lois Said:

    This is beautiful. I am inspired and just may have to get one of Michael Becker’afghan books.

  3. Becky Kelly Said:

    Thank you for including the stitch and tension info. They are beautiful and look soft and pliable.

    • You’re welcome. They are soft and drape well. This is the fantasy fairisle. 🙂

  4. Aaltje Said:

    It looks wonderfull!

  5. Tina Said:

    Do you have to put position 1- every time you programme a pattern?
    Your work really encourages me to try harder lol

  6. Hi Tina, No you don’t have to program the console 1- for position every time. I don’t know why some patterns are like that. But since some of them are, before I start an afghan, I download the pattern and then run the carriages over the needles without yarn to make sure the end needles are correct. If they aren’t I have to go download again and tell the console to position it 1- and it works.
    Today my girlfriend called me and she told me she could not center the pattern. So she emailed the pattern to me. I decided to try entering 90- and 90+ even though it was 179 stitches. Nope the pattern was off. I went back and downloaded it again and programmed 1- and it was centered.
    Now my thinking is that maybe if I do it again, I would put 89- and 90+ and it might come out centered. She programmed it for 90- and 89+ and that is when it did not come out. Michael Becker tells you in his book that you may have to enter 1- which was nice. Some don’t tell you at all.
    Just always get in the habit of checking the pattern without yarn and you won’t fail.
    Thank you Tina for your compliment. I do hope you get encouraged by things I do. If you get frustrated while knitting, walk away and come back on another day! 🙂

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