Knitted Orange, Lemon And Lime Slice Drink Coasters

knitted slicecoastersorhotpadsdishcloth 


I do not like short rows. Repeat,  I DO NOT LIKE SHORT ROWS!

I don’t like shoulders that are short rowed, skirts that are short rowed(well…some I do)  I like short rows in socks but don’t particularly care for them anywhere else.

So why did I try this?

I went to a hand knitting seminar and there were a ton of free books and patterns. I saw this pattern for the orange, lemon and lime slice.  I thought it was cute. I also like the lime and orange colors together.  I do like to hand knit once in awhile especially while sitting on the patio on a warm day. And since we have had a break in the weather, I was sitting outside and needed a hand knitting project.. (back to the 40’s now!) .

I never did  short rowing by hand so thought I would give it a try. It was fun to make and I like it since it is the garter stitch.  So just for the heck of it I tried the same pattern on the machine only it is stockinette.  Well, I stopped after three sections because it is not as cute, the white rows I turned for a purl row and that would upset a drink with the ridges and you would have to crochet an edge around it. So , IF I did it on the machine, I would just knit the white rows . The patterns is a free handout from Jo-Ann fabric stores from 2012. It says these are dish cloths but I like them as drink coasters or hot pads. They are a nice size for a glass or a dish. I love the festive colors in the summer. I did not put hangers on them since I am not using them as dish cloths.

Okay, back to my machines. 🙂

If you are up to a hand knitting project for the summer, here is the pattern in my drop box.


  1. Heidi Said:

    I love short rowing. I love Elizabeth zimmerman short rowed baby surprise jacket and the adult version. I do love the lime and orange coasters I will make them on the 260.

    • Well Heidi, I might just look those patterns up. 🙂

      • Heidi Said:

        Susanna Lewis did a write-up on E. Zimmerman a long time ago in MacKnit and she did it on the standard gauge. Just google it. I made a lot of the surprise jacket on the 260. Junebug has the pattern. I did mine with waste yarn at the neck and sleeves.The sleeves were joined after the rib with Diane Sulivans cable join.

      • OMG the baby surprise jacket is adorable. I want to go check out the machine version of it. Thanks for the information. 🙂

  2. I love short rows, too – I did something similar like those very neat coasters on my old garter stitch machine, a Passap D Junior, too.
    It´s quite nice to knit that on it, as one can combine garter and plain stitch. As I made pillow cases, I sure was faster (and had more fun) than knitting it by hand 🙂

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