Passap Afghan by Michael Becker of Distinctive Knits

Michael Becker Afghan

Michael Becker Afghan

I made this afghan for a woman’s granddaughter. Her granddaughter saw one that I made her and she told her grandmother that she wanted it. Of course, she said no. So I asked what her granddaughters  favorite colors are and she said cream and black. Yep, I have those colors. And so the story begins.

Sometimes I think I should just give up knitting because I always run into a dilemma, through no fault of my own…snicker….snicker.

My passap was practically singing to me while she is knitting for me, doing a great job. I finished this in less than an hour and a half with 1000 rows. Now here it comes. The bind off. I read the bind off Michael Becker says to do and think, no, I can do the one I always do . I do my last rows. Take off circular in waste yarn and go to latch one stitch through the next and it is too tight even though my last row was knitted at tension 8. This is that fantasy fairisle that really spreads out and I thought, this won’t do. Put back on the machine? Nooooooooo! Hmmmm . Yes, that is what I did. It took forever to put back on because what color am I using for the background? Black!  So I start the long slow tedious process because of course I can’t see and I am using 2 strands of 2/24. What? Now the sun is going in and getting really overcast. I finally got it back on and did his bind off and it is perfect and stretches nicely.  So actually, the bind off dilemma took longer to do than the afghan. lol

The pattern is from Passap Instant Afghans Book 3 by Michael Becker. The colors are black and cream even though it looks white. I really was surprised how pretty this is. His cover on his book does not do this justice. The edges look like they are scalloped but they aren’t. Of course, I love black and cream too. I know her granddaughter will like it.



  1. Tina Said:

    As always your knitting is beautiful!
    I have this book do you use a motor?
    I am deep cleaning my machine at the moment and want to try a pattern from his book but do I need to use a motor?
    Best wishes

    • Hi Tina, Thank you. You don’t have to use a motor. I didn’t. I just take a break after 250 rows. When the machine is doing really good sometimes I go half way. 🙂 These patterns are nice since there are no back bed pushers in work.

  2. Said:

    Yes, I love his afghans, too. I do follow his cast off directions carefully. I also knit the same afghan for the 2014 NC State Fair. I accidentally knit with the colors reversed (DAK tends to reverse the downloads).

    So far I can always count on a blue ribbon (first place) knitting Mike’s afghans!

    Rita in Raleigh Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild Triangle Machine Knitters

    • I think maybe you should be writing this blog instead of me. Lol .Congratulations on the blue ribbon!

  3. Florence Levy Said:

    That’s so beautiful! I seem to have all the Afghan books that you do, but I haven’t had the courage to tackle one. The more I see of your beautiful afghans it’s pushing me to make one of my own.

  4. jan b Said:

    absolutely beautiful as usual!!! love it!

  5. Susan McBean Said:

    Yep, as the others have said…beautiful. Would work in any colors. Don’t have the book. You did a beautiful job. Is his bind off that much different?

  6. ginknits Said:

    Wow. That afghan isn’t pretty – it’s magnificent!

    • Thank you but I have to give credit to Michael Becker. Darn! lol 🙂

  7. aaltje Said:

    I agree with Ginknits: this Afghan looks magnificent. I admire you and Michael Becker. I would love to be able to buy this book.. I “googled” but no result.

  8. knitbear Said:

    Reblogged this on dknitscom.

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