Light Weight Hat made on the Brother


top of hat

top of hat

Years ago my brother in law asked me if I could make him a light weight hat, one layer, without all the bulk at the top of the head. I did and then his little grandson took it from him and put it on and never gave it back. So he asked me to make another and I did not even remember how I made it, and of course, no pattern .

So one night I am looking for something and I came across the pattern jotted down on a small piece of paper with the information. If you saw how many patterns and books I have you would see how unbelievable this was!  I even still have the partial cone of yarn that I used!

My brother in law works outside and when he gets too warm, the thick hats make him warmer. I measured from the top of his head to where he wanted the band. Don’t ask me how I came up with figuring the decreases on the top. lol  I know I had to decrease a lot and the garter bar would have taken forever. Looking at it now, I could have probably started the decreasing triangles sooner and decreased every other row.

My brother in law has a large head so if you want to try this measure the person’s head around and the length from the top to the band. Do a tension swatch! If the stitches are less, make smaller triangles at the top. I have posted the directions in my drop box , since I typed them out to save them and put in a folder. I have a diagram and you can see how it is made. Very simple and finished in less than two hours. Now off to make an afghan for someone.

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