Passap Buttonhole for Double Band

passapbuttonholefordoublebandjanicehill copy

I found my second most favorite buttonhole band and it is done on the passap. My other favorite is done on the Brother. This is so easy and really looks nice afterwards. It is totally finished when it comes off with closed ends on the top and bottom and all the extra threads are inside. I think this was a passap hand out sheet from a seminar. It is by Janice Hill. I have included the instructions in my drop box and hope that this is okay. Hurry and download the pdf in case it isn’t. lol

You start this band with a circular cast on. The arrow in the picture shows how the edge looks. Then you knit half of the rows for the band circularly. I did six circular rows because I don’t like real wide bands unless it is a coat. I did a two stitch buttonhole here. When you finish with her instructions for the buttonholes, you knit another six circular rows to finish the band. At this point you can decide how you want to attach it to your garment. It is all your choice. You MUST try this. 🙂 You can do this band on any machine with a ribber . This is a keeper for me.

Instructions are in my drop box link below.

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