My Knitting Day Disaster


I went into my knitting room to start a swatch for a project and this is what I ended up with. It took me the whole day deciding what to do and doing it. Not to mention the disaster my knitting room and house were in after I dragged everything out.

I decided to first put away some books laying on the floor that I don’t know where to file. Yep, that got me started. I saw this little picture of a purse that was hand knitted and had a lace edge on the flap and beads. I drew up a pattern for the machine and of course, it had to be felted. I took my stitch and row gauge and started on my pattern. I decided to make the flap with the fun fur I had that had shades of black and grey. Well, my mistake was that I used the stockinette gauge for the fairisle gauge. Wrong! During felting I checked it and the flap was not felting like the bag. The flap was way too long. After felting I trimmed the flap and it looked okay but the edges felt flimsy. I hated to scrap the purse because it felted perfectly and I liked the size. Scissors, here I come. I cut the flap off totally. Now how do I put a closure on with no flap? Can’t. So I get out sewing supplies and I have a 7 inch black zipper. I have done zippers before and they are not fun on felted fabric. Okay, let’s line it. Dig out my fabric from storage box under the bed (see how I am messing up my house?) Now I have to get my sewing machine and put it somewhere where the light is good. Dining room! (house is getting messier). But before I do the lining I have to figure out handles. Went through more sewing supplies and saw my grommets. Put the grommets in the sides in no time. Didn’t want to felt a handle since I had so much time in this already. Went through box of all cording and ribbon. I found a red nylon cord. Okay, that will not be hot to hold in warmer weather  and its strong and the red sets the purse off. Once the handle was done,  I sewed the lining pocket to the zipper and then had to put the zipper in by hand.  Ooops, can’t felt anything because the lining is in. I made a large knitted flower, used a red button and knitted a center and sewed the flower on. Done! Here is the pattern in my drop box if you just want to make this without a flap. It is knitted all in one piece .

Now, here is the picture of what I started with before felting!



  1. Heidi Said:

    What is wrong with it? it is really nice, good job.

    • Thank you Heidi. It is just that it took all day to make it look decent and my house was a mess when I finished it. It was also not the style I had in mind.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    Well, admittedly it took longer than planned…but still looks great. I would have given up long before that ! 🙂

    • You would not have given up especially after sewing that blouse that you made! That I would have given up! lol

  3. Said:

    I love your finished purse. Yes, starting anything knitted leads to another and still more mess all over the house!

    Rita in Raleigh Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild Triangle Machine Knitters

    • Thank you Rita. It took me just as long to put everything back and my knitting room is really a mess. Going to fix that right now.
      Carol 🙂

  4. Gill Pearson Said:

    Yipes I have had days like this … nothing goes right but I must say your purse has turned out very well – I like it …now go sort out the house ! Never stop a woman when she is on a mission …

    • Oh Gil you are so funny! Thank you for the compliment. Going to get the knitting room back in order now. I was definitely on a mission and did not even want to stop to eat. Now that is bad since I love food!

  5. rainbird777 Said:

    I think your version of the purse looks smarter than the original. Well done! When the creative urge strikes don’t let anything stand in its way 😃

    • Thank you! I didn’t feel creative as I was doing it. I felt like I was trying to save it from the scrap pile. lol 🙂

  6. Carol, I started two Groups, both called Fun With Big Brother, on Yahoo and Facebook, for bulky and midgauge machines only. One of our Members posted your Blog, and I was so amused by your Knitting Day /Disaster I HAD to subscribe. You have a real talent for Writing and Knitting. Keep up the good work….and the Fun! Kindest Regards, Sandy Sherman
    Fun With Big Brother Group Owner, Yahoo & Facebook

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