Diane Sullivan’s No Roll Edge




On Knitting Paradise this morning there is a video of Diane Sullivan demonstrating her no roll edge. It is SOOOOOO nice. I have just the project for it. On January 7th of this year I posted a No roll slip edge. While it is nice, this is better. I just had to go try it and it is a keeper.

All she does is move the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stitches to the first, second and third stitches and then fills in the empty needle and knits two rows. I can see so many uses for this. I looked at the reverse side and it is just as nice. I think this would look great as button and buttonhole bands in the front of a cardigan. Try it, I think you will be pleased with the outcome.


  1. Heidi Said:

    Thank you I did the other one and did not like it as it still rolled. I am making a knot scarf where you weave strips of knitting, and it rolls tubular was the only way to go.

  2. leenrue Said:

    that is waht I thought when I saw her do this it would also be good for a band with out buttons or buttons holes. Mary

  3. Jayne Peterson Said:

    I really like this edge for a blanket – I can do this on rt and left edges. How about top and bottom of blanket?? Can you help me with that???? Thanks!!!

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