Felted Purse with Flower Closure


After felting

After felting


Before felting

Before felting

I was at JoAnn fabrics and I saw this variegated yarn by Patons. I thought it was pretty. So I decided to try a fairisle felted purse. I knew I was taking a chance with a lighter yarn for the background because of colors bleeding. I wanted to also use a new purse closure I had found.

So off I go to knit. It took no time at all to knit this. When I finished I sewed it up and felted it. I was disappointed because of the look of bleeding. Then I realized it did not bleed. The handles were felted at the same time and they are not pink. The look is from the fibers of the bright colors moving onto the background color while felting. Now I get the purse closure and it looks funny . So while this is felting I made two flowers from Susan Guagliumi’s book Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters. I made an 8 petal flower adding two more rows to each petal as it was knitted. Then I knitted a smaller five petal one with the variegated yarn so it would fit over the first one. It looked funny on the purse after the purse was felted so I hand felted the flowers in my shaker ball felter. The color is brighter since I did not felt the flowers as long as I did the purse.  I needed something for the middle of the flower and went through my buttons. Wood looked nice but then I found this silver one and liked it better. So I ended up with a metal closure on the tab and covered the closure with a double layer flower. So much for using my new purse closure. lol

The finished size is 9.5 and width is 7.5

The pattern is in my drop box along with a picture of the purse before and after felting and the instructions.




  1. Lynne Said:

    Nice job…I love your purse.

  2. BJ Said:

    maybe I missed it but is this done on a bulky machine?

    • Hi BJ, Yes, it is knitted on the Brother Bulky. The pattern is from the bulky pattern book also. Everything on my post that is felted is done on the Bulky.

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