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Passap Simulated Seed Stitch by Jan Wold & Jan Mills

Simulated Seed Stitch     on the Passap

Simulated Seed Stitch on the Passap


I was leafing through my  books a couple of days ago and the caption on one of the  pages grabbed my eye. Simulated seed stitch. I love the seed stitch in knitting so I had to try it.And….. I love the look of it knitted on the passap machine. In fact, I liked it so much that I knitted up a little front of a sweater (not cut and sew mind you. lol) and attached the band. In their directions they have an option to chain cast on after you hang the first side of the band. You chain cast on and push it behind the latches before hanging the second side of the band and hand knitting the stitches through. You MUST try this. It is so pretty and very easy to do. The book is Going Places Knitting Technique Passap designs by Jan Wold and Jan Mills.

You can see how to do this in my drop box.





Passap Afghan by Michael Becker of Distinctive Knits

Michael Becker Afghan

Michael Becker Afghan

I made this afghan for a woman’s granddaughter. Her granddaughter saw one that I made her and she told her grandmother that she wanted it. Of course, she said no. So I asked what her granddaughters  favorite colors are and she said cream and black. Yep, I have those colors. And so the story begins.

Sometimes I think I should just give up knitting because I always run into a dilemma, through no fault of my own…snicker….snicker.

My passap was practically singing to me while she is knitting for me, doing a great job. I finished this in less than an hour and a half with 1000 rows. Now here it comes. The bind off. I read the bind off Michael Becker says to do and think, no, I can do the one I always do . I do my last rows. Take off circular in waste yarn and go to latch one stitch through the next and it is too tight even though my last row was knitted at tension 8. This is that fantasy fairisle that really spreads out and I thought, this won’t do. Put back on the machine? Nooooooooo! Hmmmm . Yes, that is what I did. It took forever to put back on because what color am I using for the background? Black!  So I start the long slow tedious process because of course I can’t see and I am using 2 strands of 2/24. What? Now the sun is going in and getting really overcast. I finally got it back on and did his bind off and it is perfect and stretches nicely.  So actually, the bind off dilemma took longer to do than the afghan. lol

The pattern is from Passap Instant Afghans Book 3 by Michael Becker. The colors are black and cream even though it looks white. I really was surprised how pretty this is. His cover on his book does not do this justice. The edges look like they are scalloped but they aren’t. Of course, I love black and cream too. I know her granddaughter will like it.


Light Weight Hat made on the Brother


top of hat

top of hat

Years ago my brother in law asked me if I could make him a light weight hat, one layer, without all the bulk at the top of the head. I did and then his little grandson took it from him and put it on and never gave it back. So he asked me to make another and I did not even remember how I made it, and of course, no pattern .

So one night I am looking for something and I came across the pattern jotted down on a small piece of paper with the information. If you saw how many patterns and books I have you would see how unbelievable this was!  I even still have the partial cone of yarn that I used!

My brother in law works outside and when he gets too warm, the thick hats make him warmer. I measured from the top of his head to where he wanted the band. Don’t ask me how I came up with figuring the decreases on the top. lol  I know I had to decrease a lot and the garter bar would have taken forever. Looking at it now, I could have probably started the decreasing triangles sooner and decreased every other row.

My brother in law has a large head so if you want to try this measure the person’s head around and the length from the top to the band. Do a tension swatch! If the stitches are less, make smaller triangles at the top. I have posted the directions in my drop box , since I typed them out to save them and put in a folder. I have a diagram and you can see how it is made. Very simple and finished in less than two hours. Now off to make an afghan for someone.

Passap Buttonhole for Double Band

passapbuttonholefordoublebandjanicehill copy

I found my second most favorite buttonhole band and it is done on the passap. My other favorite is done on the Brother. This is so easy and really looks nice afterwards. It is totally finished when it comes off with closed ends on the top and bottom and all the extra threads are inside. I think this was a passap hand out sheet from a seminar. It is by Janice Hill. I have included the instructions in my drop box and hope that this is okay. Hurry and download the pdf in case it isn’t. lol

You start this band with a circular cast on. The arrow in the picture shows how the edge looks. Then you knit half of the rows for the band circularly. I did six circular rows because I don’t like real wide bands unless it is a coat. I did a two stitch buttonhole here. When you finish with her instructions for the buttonholes, you knit another six circular rows to finish the band. At this point you can decide how you want to attach it to your garment. It is all your choice. You MUST try this. 🙂 You can do this band on any machine with a ribber . This is a keeper for me.

Instructions are in my drop box link below.

Passap New Twist Bind-Offs by Barbara Scanlon


When I first started knitting on the passap I used techniques that I learned from working on the Brother machine. One of those techniques was binding off. The first time I went to do it I thought, “there are no gate pegs to bind off around, what do I do?”. I found an article that just said to pull all the needles out on the opposite bed and bind off around them. Okay, worked for me. But today I found much better bind offs by Barbara Scanlon. I like all three and they are much neater and very easy to do. I like the look also better than the latch tool.  I have explained the bind offs and included pictures to help make it easy for you to understand. The first picture shows how I used to bind off around the needles from the opposite bed. You can see the circles of the stitches. I hope that you take twenty minutes to try these and save them in a notebook to refer back to. I believe these can be done on any machine that has a ribber. The manual bind off can be done without a ribber. Here are pictures and directions in my drop box.





My Knitting Day Disaster


I went into my knitting room to start a swatch for a project and this is what I ended up with. It took me the whole day deciding what to do and doing it. Not to mention the disaster my knitting room and house were in after I dragged everything out.

I decided to first put away some books laying on the floor that I don’t know where to file. Yep, that got me started. I saw this little picture of a purse that was hand knitted and had a lace edge on the flap and beads. I drew up a pattern for the machine and of course, it had to be felted. I took my stitch and row gauge and started on my pattern. I decided to make the flap with the fun fur I had that had shades of black and grey. Well, my mistake was that I used the stockinette gauge for the fairisle gauge. Wrong! During felting I checked it and the flap was not felting like the bag. The flap was way too long. After felting I trimmed the flap and it looked okay but the edges felt flimsy. I hated to scrap the purse because it felted perfectly and I liked the size. Scissors, here I come. I cut the flap off totally. Now how do I put a closure on with no flap? Can’t. So I get out sewing supplies and I have a 7 inch black zipper. I have done zippers before and they are not fun on felted fabric. Okay, let’s line it. Dig out my fabric from storage box under the bed (see how I am messing up my house?) Now I have to get my sewing machine and put it somewhere where the light is good. Dining room! (house is getting messier). But before I do the lining I have to figure out handles. Went through more sewing supplies and saw my grommets. Put the grommets in the sides in no time. Didn’t want to felt a handle since I had so much time in this already. Went through box of all cording and ribbon. I found a red nylon cord. Okay, that will not be hot to hold in warmer weather  and its strong and the red sets the purse off. Once the handle was done,  I sewed the lining pocket to the zipper and then had to put the zipper in by hand.  Ooops, can’t felt anything because the lining is in. I made a large knitted flower, used a red button and knitted a center and sewed the flower on. Done! Here is the pattern in my drop box if you just want to make this without a flap. It is knitted all in one piece .

Now, here is the picture of what I started with before felting!


Diane Sullivan’s No Roll Edge




On Knitting Paradise this morning there is a video of Diane Sullivan demonstrating her no roll edge. It is SOOOOOO nice. I have just the project for it. On January 7th of this year I posted a No roll slip edge. While it is nice, this is better. I just had to go try it and it is a keeper.

All she does is move the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stitches to the first, second and third stitches and then fills in the empty needle and knits two rows. I can see so many uses for this. I looked at the reverse side and it is just as nice. I think this would look great as button and buttonhole bands in the front of a cardigan. Try it, I think you will be pleased with the outcome.

I learned something new today


After shaving fibers

After shaving fibers

Before shaving fibers

Before shaving fibers

On my last posting of my felted purse the colors looked like they bled into the background. It was not the case.  The handles did not turn pink. I happened to be going through some files in my felting book and saw an article about shaving the fibers after felting. They said to use a sweater pill shaver. So I did this and it looks much better.(to me anyway lol)

Passap Afghan Another Lydia’s Afghans Series 2

Lydia's Afghans Series 2

Lydia’s Afghans Series 2

These are the colors in their trailer


I decided to make a small afghan for my sister’s vacation trailer. She said they often sit outside with lap blankets or wrap them around themselves in front of the fire. Well , this is definitely a lap blanket. The pattern called for 954 rows. I tried to match the colors in their trailer. I used a wedge wood blue, taupe and cream. I think it will be okay. This is a three color afghan from Lydias Series 2 afghans. I think a border would have been nice on this since the pattern is cut in half on the sides. I was going to make the main color taupe but when I checked the taupe yarn it seemed a little thinner than the others. I am glad I changed to cream as the main color. The blue is not a 2/24. It is Kitty by Tamm and boy is it nice on the passap. I used one strand.