Passap Afghan Lydia’s Afghan Series 1

Lydia's Afghan

Lydia’s Afghan

When I picked up that Passap machine for my friend S2, there were several patterns and books. Two of the patterns were Lydia’s Afghan Series 1 and 2. What surprised me is the floppy disk was with them. So I put the disk in my computer and I was able to get the files into win/crea. A couple of things happened. The directions are for Creation Six . It said that the afghan was 1344 rows. Now I am on 560 and there are four roses on the blanket which is what the pattern was . So I figured it just started repeating. Yep, but when I looked at the directions it was telling you in creation six to load the pattern B. I think it is sort of like using the reader sheets. So I ignored all that and knitted till I finished one more rose . Then I knitted four rows plain and bound off. The colors are moss and cranberry. The technique was 187 and I used two strands of 2/24. I used a tension of 5.. on both locks.

I did the racking cast on and then followed her cast off and I like it. In her directions she says when you are finished, cor, locks at N/N knit one row to the left. Change tension to 7 on both locks and knit one row to the right. I then took off on waste yarn knitting circular. She has you just keep knitting N/N with waste yarn and then steam last eight rows of waste yarn and the first two rows of the afghan and remove waste yarn and latch one stitch through the next. It was easier taking it off circular and then sitting and latching one stitch through the next.

I will be knitting more afghans in the series . This is not doing my rib any good! lol


  1. Marvin Luginbuhl Said:

    It really looks very nice. You said that it is not doing you rib any good, don’t you have a motor for your passap. The motors are well worth the price and sure save a lot of sore shoulders and arms.

    • Hi Marvin, I have a brand new motor but no control box. I don’t do that many large afgans to even want to try a motor though. 🙂

    • Heidi Said:

      I have several of lydia’s afghan patterns but have not done them yet, you did a nice job

  2. Very pretty! 🙂

  3. Florence Levy Said:

    Beautiful! I have all of Lydia’s Afghan books, but sad to say I have never made one. I’m definitely going to make a few now.

    • Heidi Said:

      Just like me lol

    • After you cast on and set up the design, make sure the edge stitches match. She says to program left 90 and right 89 needles. I had to do 90 left and 88 right. to get it to match. Hope you make one.

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