Storage for Yarn


I bought a couch cover on line last week and when it arrived, it came packaged in a plastic “canister” with a zip top. This is just perfect for my sock yarns for storage. I save the ones comforters come in and sheets and I use those under the beds for storage of yarns that I don’t use that much . O course, for the large cones I use the large storage containers . They are in every closet, cupboard,  garage, shed, knitting room, shelves…….. lol


  1. I just brought one of these “canisters” home from my MIL’s house yesterday with the intent of using it for storing my yarn. Great minds! Aren’t you glad these things have been developed just for us? 😉

    • That is so funny. Yep, glad they made them just for us. I even have little ones from pillow cases and I put waste yarn in those. 🙂

  2. Gill Pearson Said:

    This is a very practical suggestion and I too have my yarn stored ALL OVER THE PLACE !!!HA HA

    • Yep, it must be something in the yarn that is addicting and getting us to go out and buy more !!! I need a bigger house but hubby won’t hear of it. lol 🙂

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