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Passap Afghan-Another of Lydias Afghans Series 1

Lydia's Afghan Series 1

Lydia’s Afghan Series 1

I made another afghan from Lydia’s Afghans Series 1. This is a housewarming gift for my niece and nephew. They retired to Alabama. They have a brown leather couch and beige walls. When I downloaded the pattern I wrote down the color for the masts. Well, I put the wrong color in mast two and that is what you see to the right. It is a little darker than the picture and while it was pretty , it was too dark. So I dropped it from the machine and knitted it with brown, tan and bone color. I would have loved to add another color to add “pop” but don’t know her accents. I made this afghan to the specified size and it is 36 inches wide by 72 inches long.

My passap is behaving so well and making no mistakes so I am off to do another for my sister and brother in law for their vacation trailer.

Passap Afghan Lydia’s Afghan Series 1

Lydia's Afghan

Lydia’s Afghan

When I picked up that Passap machine for my friend S2, there were several patterns and books. Two of the patterns were Lydia’s Afghan Series 1 and 2. What surprised me is the floppy disk was with them. So I put the disk in my computer and I was able to get the files into win/crea. A couple of things happened. The directions are for Creation Six . It said that the afghan was 1344 rows. Now I am on 560 and there are four roses on the blanket which is what the pattern was . So I figured it just started repeating. Yep, but when I looked at the directions it was telling you in creation six to load the pattern B. I think it is sort of like using the reader sheets. So I ignored all that and knitted till I finished one more rose . Then I knitted four rows plain and bound off. The colors are moss and cranberry. The technique was 187 and I used two strands of 2/24. I used a tension of 5.. on both locks.

I did the racking cast on and then followed her cast off and I like it. In her directions she says when you are finished, cor, locks at N/N knit one row to the left. Change tension to 7 on both locks and knit one row to the right. I then took off on waste yarn knitting circular. She has you just keep knitting N/N with waste yarn and then steam last eight rows of waste yarn and the first two rows of the afghan and remove waste yarn and latch one stitch through the next. It was easier taking it off circular and then sitting and latching one stitch through the next.

I will be knitting more afghans in the series . This is not doing my rib any good! lol

Learning the Passap – Maintenance of the Passap


I have a friend in Maine that has been looking for a Passap E 6000 for a couple of years. She found one on Craigs List that was only 20 minutes from my home. My friend and I went and looked at it and bought it . I brought it home and started cleaning it up. I found two good articles in Machine Knitters Source called Maintenance and Basic Repairs part one and two by Pat Groves. The great thing is that it also covers changing of the brake spring on the back and front beds. The articles are in Machine Knitters Source Winter 2002 Vol.19 N. 112 and Spring 2003 Vol. 19, No 113.

In between cleaning the new passap, my friend came over and we changed the brake spring on my passap on the back bed. I had damaged the spring on needle 82 on the back bed and could not knit wide afghans until it was fixed. It was very easy and I decided to clean the beds on that one too. It was not that dirty and the needles were clean. So I put the spring in and put the rail back on and turn it over to tighten the screws and I hear a crunch. I look down and there is my good pair of glasses with the right and left arms at 90 degree angles to the lenses!!! One  broke off but I  was able to bend the other one back without breaking. I can see well up close and took them off and set them down right in front of the passap beds.  So much for an inexpensive repair.

So now  I lift the bed up and put it back on my machine and there is a part laying there. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I email my friend and take a picture and she did not know what it was. It was on the side where the color changer was. Well….this morning I figured out what it was. lol  It was a silver tip of one of the black yarn carriers that must have been in the color changer or between the beds. Problem solved. Now I have to go see what can be done with the glasses. Probably a new pair or new frame. 😦

So, back to the newer passap. I have it all cleaned and oiled and it is running. I decided to knit the techniques for my friend and label them so she can see what the techniques do and all the different widths and reverse sides of the fabrics. I knit a strip and then separated it with two rows of white. Here is the first strip I knitted. I put down the tension, rows, technique, mast number. Then I laminated them and attached to the strip. I did this when I bought  my own machine . I did it to learn the machine and to see the fabrics.  It comes in handy when you want to make a scarf or sweater  and want to see what the reverse side looks like and if the design is light and airy or more solid.  I am only doing the double bed techniques since my friend has a DM80 and knows the single bed techniques. I would recommend doing this for everyone that has a passap but especially to learn how to use the passap if you are a beginner.

Slip Stitch Cowl on the Brother Bulky


I had so many visions on how this cowl was going to turn out but it was nothing like this! I used Woolike yarn from Michaels in Teal color  and a slip stitch pattern from the Brother Book-No. 158. I was happy to only knit 524 rows instead of 664 . I was planning on doing a roll edge on the sides of it. It really looked nice but had to do two strips for one edge so there would have been a seam. Okay, no problem. Did that. It did not look good when it was wrapped around the head. So I took that off and decided to crochet the edges together with right sides together and then turn inside out. LOL, I ended up with a tube within a tube. Took that out and I did not want to crochet the edges since what I sell them for is so minimal that it would not be cost effective. So, I sat and sewed the seam up by hand and it looks nice. I wish it was wider to do it this way but it is still different. And even though this is double layer, it does not feel bulky or heavy and still drapes nicely.

Here are the directions if anyone wants to try this. Just increase 12 stitches if you want this wider before sewing together.

Tuck Stitch Cowl-Have a Laugh on Me!




Okay, so a week ago I cracked or broke a rib. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of sleep and am quite the crab! Especially since I have not been able to knit or do much of anything. Well, today I decided to load up on Advil and try another cowl scarf since it is so easy to move the carriage with this yarn and pattern even though it is 664 rows. Great, just a little pain. I took some pictures of the edge stitches since my friend S2 wanted to see them. Good so far. I took the pictures and then I wanted a picture of both sides to put in my Etsy shop when I sell it. So I brought the bottom of the scarf up and took the picture. Then I proceded to hang the beginning and cast off for a circular scarf. Great. Finished and I burst out laughing. I am not even drinking so it must be the Advil. I bound the cowl off around the ribber. lolol

How did I remove it you ask? I am not THAT stupid to take it out and rehang. 🙂 I removed the ribber attachment on one side and took the clamp off and was able to slide it off. You thought you had me on that one I bet.

What I wanted to show you though was that I made one of these for myself and it was snowing and I pulled the scarf over my head and I like the look. What I did was fold the scarf in half, put it around my neck, twisted to form a figure 8 and pulled that part open and put over my head. You can see what it looks like from the side. The color is a seafoam green. It looks lime hanging on the machine but that is because I just took a quick picture while I was laughing. The funny thing is, in all the over 30 years of knitting, I have never done this. You can stop laughing now. I need to go lay down because my rib is hurting from my laughing.