Bulky Machine Tuck Stitch Cowl



Knit Side

Knit Side


I love, love, love,  the new yarn called Woolike at Michaels Store. It is so soft and really drapes nicely. When you knit with it you don’t have to rewind the skein. Take the strand out of the middle and it feeds nicely while knitting. I decided to try some tuck stitch patterns on my electronic bulky to see if anything looked good on both sides. I did several of the patterns in the book but I like this one a lot. It looks good on both sides. It is pattern 129. If you use the tuck stitch side you will see more loops of texture.  The edge stitches look nice and roll a little but that is a good thing with this scarf.  I knitted 560 rows to get approximately 50 inches. Then I connected the beginning to the end to make a circle. To put it on, I folded the scarf in half and put around my neck. Then I took the bottom part and turned it like a figure eight and put that loop over my head. It feels wonderful and I think it looks a lot like the Bulky cowls people like without all the “bulk”.

Here are the directions for needle set up in my drop box


By the way, the yarn Woolike is on sale for $2.00 a skein at Michaels this week. No, I don’t work for them. 🙂


  1. Judy Said:

    Do you have the correct link for the drop stitch scarf – all that show up are some Brother “trims”. Can you help? And yes I love the Wool-like. Do you have a pattern that would make a good prayer shawl. Machine knitting one would take a lot less time.

  2. Thank you Judy for telling me about the drop box link. I am having so much trouble trying to upload to WordPress. I can’t say I don’t have a pattern for a prayer shawl but it would take me forever to find it. 🙂 I don’t know what machine you have but I would just cast on some stitches and go through knitting 20 rows of different patterns. That is how I found this one for the cowl.
    Carol 🙂

  3. Susan McBean Said:

    Hi, the link worked fine for me, but maybe you fixed it already. I originally thought you did a double bed…but see it is single bed. Just one or both tuck buttons (for those of us that don’t have the electronic patterns !) ?
    That is pretty incredible about that yarn…and the price !
    Great work 🙂

  4. Hi, Judy let me know right away about the link. The other cowl was double bed on the passap. This is one bed on the bulky and both tuck buttons are pushed in.:)

    • Susan McBean Said:

      Sorry, I should have said Ribber…not double bed ! As in tuck rib as that is how the first picture looked ! I checked Michaels online….they only have two colors but hopefully they will get more ! 🙂

  5. Charlene Said:

    The yarn looks plush and the scarf is a definite winner.

    • Thank you Charlene, I am going to do one in a lighter color so you can see the design better. Then I want to try two colors on the passap. 🙂

  6. TracyKM Said:

    I really enjoyed working with Woollike on my standard gauge machine too. It’s nice to be able to get a suitable, non wool, yarn at Michaels’. I do wish though, that they carried a similar thin yarn in solid colours, that WAS wool/sock yarn. LOL.

    • You just gave me the idea to try woolike on my sock machine! It has nylon in it that is good for wear. Maybe when sales start to pick up on that yarn, they might. I was tempted to write to them but of course, we know what would happen, the price will go up. I might just tell them that it sure targets machine knitters.

  7. Deborah Dececca Said:

    can you tell me how many stitches you cast on for this scarf?

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