Knitted Bib Overalls Wine Bottle Cover on the Bulky



I saw the cutest wine bottle cover in a denim fabric in the hospital gift shop. I thought it was so cute. I wondered if I could knit it. I had the first one I made in a Christmas green come out the right size and fit . It was so plain. So then I knitted the red one and put a motif on the pocket and added a hat. So now I am at Joann fabric store with my girlfriend and I was looking for a yarn in blue denim and I came across camo. Bingo! I am going to do one in camo for fisherman. This outfit looks like the waders that fisherman use. Okay, I searched for a miniature fishing rod and they have ones that are six inches which are perfect. I have to buy them. So then I think, okay this could work for a hunter too. So now I have to look for a bright orange yarn for the hat . I found a miniature gun already. I was thinking this would be a cute gift to give a fisherman or a hunter for a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Then all of a sudden ,Boom, a light bulb goes off in my head and I thought , how about an army soldier! Lol. So off I go to knit another one and I put my husbands army pin on the pocket. So, do I try to make a helmet or a cap. I got out my crochet hook and crocheted a hat with the brim. I am looking for a little sign that says “Thank you ” or ” Welcome Home” to put in the pocket . I am thinking something like this might sell. How nice to give a gift to say thank you for your service.

Okay, you can stop laughing at my ideas. 🙂 Joann fabrics was out of the little suspenders that I wanted. They only had the large ones. So I found a fabric gatherer and used the ends of it instead. I could use buttons also but the suspenders let you open the top to put the bottle in.

I did a tension swatch and then I drew the pattern on paper. Then I cut the pattern out and held it to the machine like a knit leader to tell me when to decrease for the front and back. I ended up doing the straps as bias strips where you decrease on one side and increase on the other. The first one I made a front and back separately. The second one I did in one piece until the shaping for the front and back. I took one side off on waste yarn while I worked on the other. When I was finished, I sewed the side seam and then crocheted around the whole thing. The red yarn is worsted, very thick, and maybe it is the One Pound . The camo is red heart super saver and is thinner. Surprisingly, I did a tension swatch and both patterns work out about the same give or take a stitch or two or a row or two. I also could have started this circular but it is not so hard to sew up a short side seam. Besides, I did a weaving cast on for gathering at the bottom.

Hmmm….I wonder what a felted one would look like. lol








  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Good thing you two didn’t drink any more of the wine…or how would you ever have stopped ? As usual, you get extra points for your creativeness !

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