Miniature Sweater with Tatted Collar

Miniature sweater witht tatted collar

Before Christmas I received an order for five miniature white plain sweater ornaments.  Every Christmas this woman’s grandmother would wear a plain white sweater and her grandfather would wear a red vest.The woman recently lost her grandmother and she wanted to have these to give to her uncle and siblings in remembrance of them. The uncle got a sweater and the red vest the grandfather wore.

So I drew up this pattern with little set in sleeves so the arms did not stick straight out. While making one of the fronts, I came out with an extra stitch on the front  so I tossed that aside and continued to knit the rest. While I was finishing one I thought about a tatted collar since the collars are hard to do because they are so small. On the five sweaters I used a roll collar  but it was difficult to sew the seam. I decided to use the front I had made and finish a little sweater and try a tatted collar since I am back into that hobby. I took the pattern for a tatted necklace and made the collar and then I just crocheted it on. So, here is my five hour sweater! LOL

Here is the link to my drop box for my pattern. 🙂


  1. Kathleen Hanson Said:

    So so cute. what machine did you use and what were the dimensions?

    • Thank you. The machine I used was the Brother 940 and the sweater is 3 inches in width . Do you want my pattern?
      Carol 🙂

  2. Angela Said:

    The tatted collar really makes this little sweater. I just love your work and appreciate all that you share. Would love to see the pattern for this miniature sweater! I need to start now for next Christmas, LOL.

  3. Thank you Angela, I am starting for next Christmas too! Lol
    Will post the pattern in next blog.

  4. DSfb456$ Said:

    ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing

  5. Charlene Said:

    You do such impressive work. That is adorable.

  6. Don’t say that, I might start to get a big head!

  7. dianelaces Said:

    Great idea!

  8. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    This is just so cute. You are so talented.

  9. notewords Said:


  10. chattytatty Said:

    This is darling.

  11. yvettechilcott Said:

    That is one really cute sweater, thanks for sharing the pattern.

    • You’re welcome Yvette, but try the newer version I just posted. It is easier and comes out better.
      Carol 🙂

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