No Roll Slip Selvage on the Knitting Machine

Right off the machine

Right off the machine


Knit side

Knit side


Purl Side

Purl Side

Did anyone see this technique on Knitting Paradise today. If you didn’t go to the link posted below. I decided I had to see if this worked. Well, I think I did it right. However I only used 30 stitches and not 60 and I did not knit a long sample. The first picture is how it looked after I took it off the machine. If I pulled the edges out I could get them to stay but that was not the point. I was disappointed until I steamed the sample swatch. The edges come out very nice and you don’t have a wavy edge . It comes out pretty square also if you were doing an afghan. I used all one color because her video shows two colors. I think this would be nice on the edge of a scarf also. I actually think this would be nice on the sides of a sweater for blocking but I think the seam would be too thick. This technique states the no roll slip edge for single bed machines. It is a handy idea and I will file for future reference. I encourage you to try it to see if you like it though.


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Yes, I looked at that this morning too ! Even tho she said it went quickly….it looked a tad labor intense. I almost wondered whether you could use the same side as the carriage and use the actual yarn and ewrap it….but you know me…too lazy to try it ! S

    • No, you aren’t lazy. It is a lot more time consuming but when you get the rhythm going, it is a little faster.

  2. Heidi Said:

    try thinner yarn it also works well

    • Thank you Heidi, this is a yarn that is like Diamonte but not real thin. It is good to know.
      Carol ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. yvettechilcott Said:

    This technique is intriguing and I might just give it a try this afternoon.

    • Hi Yvette, I hope you give it a try. Save the directions and your sample in a notebook and you may find you will use it some time . I have notebooks of all the things I have tried and it makes it easier to refer back to.
      Carol ๐Ÿ™‚

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