Passap Double Lace Effect with Tuck Stitch Scarf






After I made the fishermans rib scarf I started to think about a reversible pattern that I did before. I found it in Dec 2013 in my blog. I decided to try the technique 155 which gives a lacy pattern on both sides. My thinking is that when you wrap the scarf , both sides look good. I like the outcome. I did not steam the scarf since I liked the width, but mostly since I like the edge. It looks like picots. If you follow the needle set up I used yours will come out the same way. I knit 868 rows using two of the heavy weights. Further instructions are in my drop box at this link that include the cast on and cast off.









  1. Anne Said:

    This is beautiful.Love it Looks like lace. Can it be done
    on a 260 bulky?
    You do such beautiful work.

    • I don’t believe so Anne. The passap has different settings on the locks than the bulky machine. This is done double bed also. You could probably do a single bed lace but it would have to be a fine yarn on tension one. 🙂

  2. happyharper1 Said:

    Love it! I was just looking for something like this to make up for going to Denver in a few days. I have some really nice alpaca I will give it a try with. THANKS!!

    • Hi, would love to see it if you make one. I just added another page of the needle set up in the drop box. I forgot to add it when posting. Sorry.
      Carol 🙂

  3. Richard Hanson Said:

    Thank you so much for your continued work at giving us these pattern you are a huge support to us. Happy New Year!!! Kathy & Rick

    • You’re welcome! I am learning too. 🙂
      Happy New Year to you and Rick as well.
      Carol 🙂

  4. Mary Jo Mair Said:

    I cant’ seem to get the the needle set up using R3l to R69. On the front bed the closest I get is 31 & 30 are down then it goes to 3 up 2 down across with the last up needle being 68 or last down needle would be 70. On the back bed the first up needle is R32 and the last needle up is R70.
    Can you tell me what I’m missing? It looks like your diagram but that’s as close as I can can get to using your needle set up. Also is there any reason this is all done on the Right side of center instead of centered on the bed? I’ve seen a couple of patterns written this way and just wondered. Thanks for not only any help you can give me with but for all that you do. I’ve learned so much from you.
    Mary Jo

    • Hi Mary Jo, I put my knitting to the right of zero so that the side closest to the carriage does not get a loop. You also will be pushing carriage a lot less. 🙂

  5. Mary Jo Mair Said:

    I figured it out I think. R31- R 69 on front bed works. I was looking at bed wrong & was counting from center then left so had set up from R 29 not 31.The back bed is started at R28 & ends at R70. Do l have that right? Wouldn’t you know it would hit me right after posting the questions LoL. Thanks again!!

    • Hi, I sure am glad you figured it out cause I sure am confused. Lololol I am going to bed but will check this out tomorrow morning. I am glad you are trying it! 🙂

    • Hi Mary Jo, I have to go out but when I come back I will look into this.
      Carol 🙂

    • Hi Mary Jo, You had me stumped today too. I had a hectic day and just had some time to sit and figure it out. I did not use all the needles in my diagram and I should have stated that. Instead I said I used 31 to 69 and it is not as wide. On my set up I have nine back bed sets of 3 and 8 sets of three on the front bed. So sorry for frustrating you! If you could get inside my head for a day, you would understand how I think! lol
      So to do your set up, you will have needles 31,32,33 on the back bed as your first set of three stitches and continue across bed with two out of work and three in work. End with the last needle in 69 slot. Now on the front bed your first set of three needles in work will start with 34, 35,36 and continue setting up with two out of work and three in work. Your last three stitches on the front bed will be needles 64,65,66. Before you start , set up those needles without yarn and program in the position and follow the instructions on the console for changing from AX to N on the back bed. Watch the action of the pushers on the sets of three. I hope you give this a try again. If you have any more problems let me know.
      Carol 🙂

      • MiniHawHaw Said:

        Hi Carol, Thanks for getting back to me. The only difference I’m getting now ison the back bed the last needle is 68 not 69. Am I crazy or what cause I just can’t get it to be 69. Sorry for all the confusion. 

        I used the Cast off you use on this on something else I was doing & Love it!! The one they gave just wasn’t working but this is perfect & could become one of my favorites… until I try something else you show us LOL. Thanks again, you really are the greatest, Mary Jo

        Sent from Samsung tablet

      • Hi Mary Jo, , with the set up you have do a test run without the yarn. In this pattern the sets of three stitches tuck on one bed and then they tuck on the other bed. I will take a picture and send it to you to show you what the needles will do if properly set up. I am just getting up now and have to have coffee and take the dog for a walk. 🙂

      • MiniHawHaw Said:

        Good Morning Carol, No rush, I’m just waking up and the dogs need to take me for my morning walk😴.  Pics!! Great idea!! How about if when I get home from doctors appointment I take pics of what I I’m getting then maybe by comparing you can see what I’m doing and tell me where I’m goofing up. Can I send pics to this email address? 

        I really am sorry to be such a pain. I don’t  usually have this hard of a time. Maybe it’s because I’m working with only 1 arm since I just had shoulder surgery…I know, I know, that’s  really reaching for an excuse lol… But it’s the second shoulder I’ve had surgery on in 6 weeks and I’m not even supposed to be using the knitting machines but I go crazy I if I’m not doing something and having my arm in a sling kind of limits what gets done or how it gets done not to mention can be frustrating. 

        Well I better let the girls take me for my walk so I don’t have an accident in the house, then they’ll want to be rewarded with breakfast and I need to get ready for my appt. Then home to hopefully figure this out. Ohhh in case you haven’t guessed it … I don’t give up… so this will get knitted. 😎

        Chat with you later, and once again a big Thank You!! Mary Jo

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note®|PRO

      • You are not bothering me at all!!! Yep, send a picture, but send it to 🙂

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