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Bulky Machine Tuck Stitch Cowl



Knit Side

Knit Side


I love, love, love,  the new yarn called Woolike at Michaels Store. It is so soft and really drapes nicely. When you knit with it you don’t have to rewind the skein. Take the strand out of the middle and it feeds nicely while knitting. I decided to try some tuck stitch patterns on my electronic bulky to see if anything looked good on both sides. I did several of the patterns in the book but I like this one a lot. It looks good on both sides. It is pattern 129. If you use the tuck stitch side you will see more loops of texture.  The edge stitches look nice and roll a little but that is a good thing with this scarf.  I knitted 560 rows to get approximately 50 inches. Then I connected the beginning to the end to make a circle. To put it on, I folded the scarf in half and put around my neck. Then I took the bottom part and turned it like a figure eight and put that loop over my head. It feels wonderful and I think it looks a lot like the Bulky cowls people like without all the “bulk”.

Here are the directions for needle set up in my drop box

By the way, the yarn Woolike is on sale for $2.00 a skein at Michaels this week. No, I don’t work for them. 🙂

Knitted Bib Overalls Wine Bottle Cover on the Bulky



I saw the cutest wine bottle cover in a denim fabric in the hospital gift shop. I thought it was so cute. I wondered if I could knit it. I had the first one I made in a Christmas green come out the right size and fit . It was so plain. So then I knitted the red one and put a motif on the pocket and added a hat. So now I am at Joann fabric store with my girlfriend and I was looking for a yarn in blue denim and I came across camo. Bingo! I am going to do one in camo for fisherman. This outfit looks like the waders that fisherman use. Okay, I searched for a miniature fishing rod and they have ones that are six inches which are perfect. I have to buy them. So then I think, okay this could work for a hunter too. So now I have to look for a bright orange yarn for the hat . I found a miniature gun already. I was thinking this would be a cute gift to give a fisherman or a hunter for a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Then all of a sudden ,Boom, a light bulb goes off in my head and I thought , how about an army soldier! Lol. So off I go to knit another one and I put my husbands army pin on the pocket. So, do I try to make a helmet or a cap. I got out my crochet hook and crocheted a hat with the brim. I am looking for a little sign that says “Thank you ” or ” Welcome Home” to put in the pocket . I am thinking something like this might sell. How nice to give a gift to say thank you for your service.

Okay, you can stop laughing at my ideas. 🙂 Joann fabrics was out of the little suspenders that I wanted. They only had the large ones. So I found a fabric gatherer and used the ends of it instead. I could use buttons also but the suspenders let you open the top to put the bottle in.

I did a tension swatch and then I drew the pattern on paper. Then I cut the pattern out and held it to the machine like a knit leader to tell me when to decrease for the front and back. I ended up doing the straps as bias strips where you decrease on one side and increase on the other. The first one I made a front and back separately. The second one I did in one piece until the shaping for the front and back. I took one side off on waste yarn while I worked on the other. When I was finished, I sewed the side seam and then crocheted around the whole thing. The red yarn is worsted, very thick, and maybe it is the One Pound . The camo is red heart super saver and is thinner. Surprisingly, I did a tension swatch and both patterns work out about the same give or take a stitch or two or a row or two. I also could have started this circular but it is not so hard to sew up a short side seam. Besides, I did a weaving cast on for gathering at the bottom.

Hmmm….I wonder what a felted one would look like. lol







Passap Purl Stitch Motif or Picture Knitting


My friend Susan asked me if we could do the purl stitch on the passap. I told her I know you can use the transfer carriage to do a whole row but wasn’t sure about a design. I fooled around with it and was unsuccessful.

Today I found notes  by Marilyn Myers from a knitting seminar .  I could not wait to try it. I did not make one mistake and it went rather quickly. However, I don’t know if I like it. Can you guess what the picture is? It is the train motif in the passap pattern book.

To do this it is rather simple. I just centered the motif on my sample and made note of the end needles of the design. Knitting is done on the back bed. The racking handle has to be up. All design stitches are on the front bed. Both locks are set to N/N. All you do is transfer the design stitches to the front bed and knit a row. On each row you will either transfer them back to the back bed or move more from the back bed to the front bed following the graph of your design.

Now, here is my opinion. I don’t care for it. I have g carriages for my Brother and designs come out nicer. However, here is what I am thinking. If you ever watch a g carriage it seems to pull the stitch off the needle and twist it and put it back on. Do you think this might make it look better. What are your thoughts?

Also, in regards to my last posting on the 1×1 rib using CX/CX I forgot to mentionsomething. The article states that elastic ribbing can go in the “pockets” created in the ribbing. Great for cottons.




Passap Ribbing 1×1 using CX/CX




It is a nice beautiful snowy day and hubby and the dog are resting up for the Bucks and Ducks game. So I had a chance to go to my woman cave and look through some articles I have in a folder. The article is by Sylvia Jones called Pursuing Passap Possibilities. And…..OMG!!!! I wish I had this passap years ago. I never liked 1×1 ribbing on any of my sweaters. I switched to 2×1 over the  years.  Well now I can go back to it.

Here is what you do: You cast on tubular. We all know how to do that. 1 rowN/N,2 rows CX/CX, 1 row  N/N.

At ribbing tension you will knit two rows of N/N. Then the next two rows are CX/CX. Repeat those two steps and you will be amazed at the outcome. It gives stretch and body to the ribbing. It has a unique look like a waffle.  It actually pulls in to make it more firm but not stiff. I started with a sample of white yarn and left it on the comb to show the waffle look. You can see the lines across the fabric that are the CX/CX rows. So then I decided to do one in two colors and the second color would be the CX rows to show you better. Well now, look at that nice two colored stipe fabric with nice edges and no loops at the edge where the second color changes . And the fabric is the same on both sides . This would work well as a scarf but I would go much looser on the tension. I used tension 5. This would also be great for people that make socks on the passap with a 1×1 rib.

If you use a lot of 1×1 in your garments I strongly encourage you to give this a try. And if you don’t , give it a try anyway and you may like it. I know I do.

This can be done on the Brother machine using the part buttons and I imagine it can be done on others as well.

Miniature Knitted Sweater with Tatted Wreath-new pattern




For those of you that may have tried this pattern, I hope you won’t be mad. 🙂

I made a couple more of them and changed the pattern and it is easier and comes out with less  bulk on the shoulders and armholes. The sweater with the wreath and red bow is the new pattern and the wreath with the gold beads is the older pattern. I know it is hard to see the difference but there is. Besides, knitting the sleeves from the top down and no ribber on the sleeve stitches saves a lot of time.

I changed the way the shoulder stitches are bound off. I pulled one set of shoulder stitches through the other and then latched them off one stitch through the next and secured at the shoulder seam.

I knitted the sleeves from the top down by hanging two stitches from the sweater armhole edge to start. I knit one row and then picked up a stitch opposite the carriage onto the next needle to the right of the first two stitches and knit a row. I repeated this until I had 15 stitches on the bed. When I finished with the sleeve, I knit 3 rows at tension 3 and one row at tension 4 . Starting with the second stitch in from the edge I reformed the stitches and knit them back up. I did this with every other stitch for the rib. Then I took these stitches off on waste yarn and latched one stitch through the next until all were latched off. It was easier and the cuff is tighter.  The new directions are in my drop box.

Miniature Sweater with Tatted Collar

Miniature sweater witht tatted collar

Before Christmas I received an order for five miniature white plain sweater ornaments.  Every Christmas this woman’s grandmother would wear a plain white sweater and her grandfather would wear a red vest.The woman recently lost her grandmother and she wanted to have these to give to her uncle and siblings in remembrance of them. The uncle got a sweater and the red vest the grandfather wore.

So I drew up this pattern with little set in sleeves so the arms did not stick straight out. While making one of the fronts, I came out with an extra stitch on the front  so I tossed that aside and continued to knit the rest. While I was finishing one I thought about a tatted collar since the collars are hard to do because they are so small. On the five sweaters I used a roll collar  but it was difficult to sew the seam. I decided to use the front I had made and finish a little sweater and try a tatted collar since I am back into that hobby. I took the pattern for a tatted necklace and made the collar and then I just crocheted it on. So, here is my five hour sweater! LOL

Here is the link to my drop box for my pattern. 🙂

No Roll Slip Selvage on the Knitting Machine

Right off the machine

Right off the machine


Knit side

Knit side


Purl Side

Purl Side

Did anyone see this technique on Knitting Paradise today. If you didn’t go to the link posted below. I decided I had to see if this worked. Well, I think I did it right. However I only used 30 stitches and not 60 and I did not knit a long sample. The first picture is how it looked after I took it off the machine. If I pulled the edges out I could get them to stay but that was not the point. I was disappointed until I steamed the sample swatch. The edges come out very nice and you don’t have a wavy edge . It comes out pretty square also if you were doing an afghan. I used all one color because her video shows two colors. I think this would be nice on the edge of a scarf also. I actually think this would be nice on the sides of a sweater for blocking but I think the seam would be too thick. This technique states the no roll slip edge for single bed machines. It is a handy idea and I will file for future reference. I encourage you to try it to see if you like it though.

Passap Double Lace Effect with Tuck Stitch Scarf






After I made the fishermans rib scarf I started to think about a reversible pattern that I did before. I found it in Dec 2013 in my blog. I decided to try the technique 155 which gives a lacy pattern on both sides. My thinking is that when you wrap the scarf , both sides look good. I like the outcome. I did not steam the scarf since I liked the width, but mostly since I like the edge. It looks like picots. If you follow the needle set up I used yours will come out the same way. I knit 868 rows using two of the heavy weights. Further instructions are in my drop box at this link that include the cast on and cast off.