Passap E6000 and DM80 Knitted Christmas Rose


I don’t know how many times I have come across this passap rose in all of my books and patterns. I must have about 7 of them in various places. I believe they were hand outs at seminars. I decided to try it and I think it is very pretty. I just used one strand of 2/24 yarn at the tension that the pattern called for. I then knitted two leaves up using one strand of a green that I had that was a little thicker than one strand of 2/24. I put a pin on the back to use on a coat or a scarf. I can not get a good picture of the color. It is a nice Christmas red and not orange. lol

The funny thing is that I made this once before and it looks totally different . I used two strands of 2/24 on that one. Maybe I did not follow instructions right (lol) or it is just that it is one strand of 2/24.(that must be it!)

Here is the other one I made that is in my blog for 3/20/2013

The directions are in my drop box at link below.


This link shows the other rose


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