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Passap E6000 Fishermans Rib Scarf


My girlfriends’ grand daughter asked her if she would make her a scarf that wrapped around the neck several times. My girlfriend Sheila came up with this and told me I could share it with you.  It is done on the Passap E 6000 using technique 112 which is Fisherman’s rib. The settings are EX/KX. Pushers on the front bed only.  I set up 17 working needles (Every Other Needle)  on both beds. I used a cast on tension of 4, CX/CX tension 5 and N/N row tension 6. Then changed to 7…/7… on both beds and knitted 800 rows. The mast tension was 5.5 on the first mast. My girlfriend used a different yarn 2/17 I believe it was and she cast on 21-0-21 on both beds with a tension of 5. She knitted 800 rows also. The scarf is 88 inches long and can be longer if you want it to fall further down on your chest.  Every time you wrap this scarf (3 times) it looks different but very nice. It is soft and does not feel like it is smothering you.

I found a yarn at Michaels store that I never saw before. It is called Woolike by Loops and Threads. It is 3.5 ounces and 678 yards. 85% acrylic and 15% nylon. It is $2.99 but it is on sale now for $1.99. What a great price for a thin yarn that can be used on our knitting machines.  It feels soft and knits nicely on the passap. You can even go lower on the tension but this scarf I wanted nice and airy. I just sewed the seam with a weaving because it will not show once you wrap the scarf three times around your neck. One skein was enough to knit 800 rows with yarn leftover.  You can use one strand of 2/24 also.

The gray scarf was done at a tension of 6 and the cranberry scarf was done at a tension of 7…

Here is a detailed pattern if you need it at my drop box.






Passap E6000 and DM80 Knitted Christmas Rose


I don’t know how many times I have come across this passap rose in all of my books and patterns. I must have about 7 of them in various places. I believe they were hand outs at seminars. I decided to try it and I think it is very pretty. I just used one strand of 2/24 yarn at the tension that the pattern called for. I then knitted two leaves up using one strand of a green that I had that was a little thicker than one strand of 2/24. I put a pin on the back to use on a coat or a scarf. I can not get a good picture of the color. It is a nice Christmas red and not orange. lol

The funny thing is that I made this once before and it looks totally different . I used two strands of 2/24 on that one. Maybe I did not follow instructions right (lol) or it is just that it is one strand of 2/24.(that must be it!)

Here is the other one I made that is in my blog for 3/20/2013

The directions are in my drop box at link below.


This link shows the other rose


Felted Fun Fur Purse to Match Jacket

Purple funfurpurse



Just doing some quick gifts before I see my sister tomorrow. I made her a felted wristlet purse to go with the jacket I made her.  The pattern directions are  a couple of posts back.  This can be made so easily in a couple of hours or even an hour. It only takes ten minutes to felt .  If you don’t like the fun fur you could do weaving with any yarn that you like. You would just have to remember to reverse the fabric if you just do weaving at the top.

Cabled Scarf Made on the Brother Bulky


I had to buy some purple yarn for a flower order I had. So when I used the yarn for them I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of the yarn. The yarn is called Impeccable by Loops & Threads. It is 100% acrylic but it looks like wool. I was surprised to see that the skein was 4.5 ounces.  It was on sale for 50% off which came to $2.50. Well my sister loves purple so I just decided to use a pattern I had made up before for Paton’s lace yarn. The set up was the same with the needles but I used a tension of 7 on both beds instead of five. I used the cast on comb and two weights for this yarn.  I just cast on and knit until I came to the end of the yarn. I ended up knitting 273 rows instead of 310 but it is a nice length. I don’t know that I ever offered the pattern. Here is the link if you want to make some nice last minute scarves. You can make this on any machine setting up your needles. Any yarn also, except increase the number of stitches if you use a finer yarn.