Knitted Coat of Many Colors by Sue Bluhm


Sandwich Neckline

Sandwich Neckline

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did. My husband is home from the hospital, has gained 20 pounds after losing 130 pounds, and he is finally eating. I want to thank everyone that kept him in their thoughts and prayers. They worked. 🙂 I would especially like to thank my sister and brother in law for bringing all the trimmings for Thanksgiving to my house and putting our plans on hold until we knew if my husband would be home.  Thanks, sis.

Now, I can get a little knitting done. lol

I wanted to make a jacket for myself and started on this one awhile back. I had made it twice before and did not do a tension swatch. Well, don’t do as I do, do as I say. MAKE A TENSION SWATCH. After I started to knit this I remembered that the arms came out so long on my last two  jackets. Well, because the jacket is knitted sideways and started on wasted yarn , I was lucky to solve the problem. I only had to shorten the first sleeve because when you finish knitting you end on the other sleeve so I stopped knitting sooner. I don’t know if any of you know how to shorten knitting after it has been knitted. I went to the edge of the sleeve where I wanted to shorten it and cut the one black thread and the plum thread in the same row. Then you pull on both of those strands one at a time and then the excess  will drop off.(email me if you would like to see this done) I did that to match the other sleeve and then attached the cuffs. I decided on a 2 by 1 rib on the neck and bottom and knitted bands for the front and the cuffs. I did the “sandwich ” neck band . It fits me perfectly but only after adjusting the underarm bulk. I decreased the amount under the arms and it is so nice. So… that it is finished, I decided to give it to my sister. She is so appreciative of the things that I knit.(and I appreciate her!) She was ecstatic. It fit her beautifully. She is shorter than I am so the length really looks good on her. I am going to make her a felted purse with the fun fur since I have the color of fun fur to match the coat. And then possible a scarf.

This pattern is called the coat of many colors because you   can use a lot of the leftover yarns that you don’t know what to do with. I just used two colors so my coat is the coat of any color. I used Tamm Can Cun in Black and Plum and my Brother 940 electronic machine.


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    It is beautiful and am so glad it fit Susie ! What a great sister you are too. Am so thankful you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and am grateful Jim is eating and gaining weight.

    • Thank you Susie 2 ! I am so thrilled I can’t tell you. He had a hunger pain for the first time and he is tasting things a little more each day. Home Health nurse amazed. I tell people that I and Lake West Hospital saved him! lol Will write soon. Going to take a nap now. 🙂

  2. Marvin Luginbuhl Said:

    I really like the coat of many colors. Where can I get the pattern for that?

    • Hi Marvin, send me your address and I will send it to you. I have two of them. One is from my girlfriend.

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