Christening Gown Made on the Passap E 6000

PassapKnitted Christening Gown


Well, I could have done this dress in a day on the Brother but I wanted to use my passap. It took me longer on the passap because of the pattern! I have no clue where I got the pattern since I have bought different machines and patterns have come with them. This is a pattern that walks you through step by step and I don’t really need that. I used it because it covers the passap and Brother  machines. It is called Instant Knits Designer Heriloom Christening Collection. It has detailed instructions on single bed knitting.  This gown is plain because there is a lace over jacket that goes with it but I don’t think I will knit it. I tried to make this a little dressier and added pearl beads around the hem, neck, and sleeves. Also, in the pattern it says to crochet the neckline with three rows of single crochet(I think) I did not like the idea because of the way the finished fronts and backs looked at the neck line. I wanted to hide that so I did the “sandwich” part of a cut and sew neckline. Each time that I went to sew a stitch down from the neck stitches, I threaded a bead . Those beads aren’t going anywhere. If you left double click on the picture you can see the beads . I also did the set in sleeves and attached on the machine rather than sewing in by hand as the pattern stated. I think the scalloped hem would have come out better if the tension was tighter or done on the Brother machine. Or it is the cast on method that the pattern tells you to do on the passap.  Moot point since it is finished. lol

I am hoping someone can help me out. It states that these outfits(for girls and boys were featured on the cover of a Machine Knitters Source magazine. I have quite a few years of Machine Knitters Source but I don’t have that issue. If I do, it is open and in a file drawer with baby things or in a pile somewhere in my to do list .

Update: Two nice ladies were kind enough to search for the pattern and it is Machine Knitters source  May/June 1994 Vol 10 No 60.  Pictures were sent to me as well. Thank you ladies!!!!



  1. masion65 Said:

    I know I have that issue. I’ll post a photo for you later tonight or early tomorrow. I also have the Instant Knit Christening patterns and disk bought many years ago, although I’ve never attempted it. This looks so lovely, I might finally give it a try.

    Florence Levy


    • Hi Florence, I would really appreciate seeing the picture . Can you tell me what issue it is in also? I hope I have the book because using the pattern from the Instant Knit is way too much information to follow. I am also curious to see how they tell you to do the neck in the Machine Knitters Source magazine. No rush if you are a working woman. I really appreciate your response. Oh, I wished I had used diamonte yarn or Tepeyac yarn so it would have a nice shine.
      Thanks again!
      Carol 🙂

  2. J & N Fitzgerald Said:

    I suspected I had the magazine as I remembered it was a baby issue. Hope this helps.

    Noema (in New Zealand)

  3. Noema Said:

    I attached a photo of the cover but don’t know whether it has arrived. The issue is May/June 1994 Vol 10 No 60

    • Thank you Noema. Another lady just found it for me too. Now I have to go and look for it to see if I have it.
      Carol 🙂

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