Child’s Ribbed Hat Any Machine


It was a rainy cold day yesterday and I had an area in my knitting room to clean up. I came across this little hat in an “In Knitters” book, Volume 5 No. 19,  that I picked up at a seminar last spring. It is designed by Ruth Schnell. She gives the hand version and machine knitting version. I love it. I hate to make pompoms even though I have nice pompom makers. I made this on the passap since it is my favorite. It took less than 20 minutes to knit it. I used two strands of  2/24 yarn though she calls for Tamm 3 ply astacryl.  There are three children’s sizes S,M, L to fit 18″,20″,22″ head circumference. She casts on at tension 6 and I don’t recommend that. I used a tension 3.5 and I would go tighter than that. But remember, I am using the passap.  Then you set up needles in 1 by 1 rib 110(138,152) and knit for 86(94,100) rows after doing the cast on with the contrast yarn. You then transfer she says to the main bed. I used the back bed on the passap. But when you transfer you don’t put the stitches on the empty needles . You double up the stitches on the same bed. In other words, put the ribber stitch on the main bed needle that already has a stitch on it. You will have two stitches on every other needle. Then you bring the out of work needles in and knit 11 rows of stockinette stitch. (You will have a row of eyelets where you started to knit the stockinette).  Your carriage will be on the left side. Knit one row with the contrast color to the right and put your tension dial up to 10 or 8 I believe on the passap. Knit one row to the left and bind off one stitch through the next. Sew up the seam and make an “I” cord that is 12 inches long. 3 stitches with one part button in and knit about 300 rows on the Brother. I made my “I” cord on the Brother. She calls for a tension of 10 but I used a tension of 4. I did not want a big cord.



  1. sheila Said:

    thanks for sharing going to have a go at this on the passap many thanks sheila

  2. angela Said:

    Thank You! Super cute, and sounds very easy.

  3. Sandra Said:

    Beautiful. I am new to Passap which I bought mainly for hat knitting for local seniors. What cadt in countvs recommended for 22″ size?

    • Sandra Said:

      Sorry typos – what cast on count is recommended for 22 inch size?

      • The cast on count is 152 needles and 100 rows.

  4. Sandra Said:

    Sound perfect – will do one today! P.S. I love the alternatives to ribbing posted. You are generous with your time and good humor.

    • Thank you Sandra, I am a woman obsessed with the knitting machines. I love it when I hear someone is getting into machine knitting. For awhile, it looked like it was a dying art but it has turned around.
      Carol 🙂

  5. Heidi Said:

    thank you. I am knitting charity hats and this one is so cute. will do it in half fishermans rib

    • That will be even prettier! If you send a picture of it I will post it if you want me to.

  6. Ruth Schnell Said:

    You made my day, have often wondered if anyone ever tried to make any of the hats I designed. Have made several for Chemo patients. Used 3ply.
    Thank you

    • What a thrill to hear from the designer of this hat. I think it is the cutest hat of all. One lady is going to try using fishermans rib to make it adult size. I hope you didn’t mind me posting it on my blog page. I have no idea if a lot of the designers of these patterns are still around. Thank you for writing and for sharing such a cute hat pattern!
      Carol 🙂
      P.S. Pompoms are such a waste of yarn! lol

  7. Ruth Schnell Said:

    I agree hate pompoms. I have such a good time creating knit wear, even if the g-kids are to old for cutie hats.
    Didn’t mind you posting the picture, it was a real treat to see it, my knitting friend found it and sent it to me.
    Happy stitches.

  8. Anna Trace Said:

    Love that hat! I’ve been wanting to get a good knitting machine…..but not sure what kind, or even where.

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