Passap Tuck Stitch Single Bed Baby Sweater





I had to make a little sweater to go with the afghan I just made and decided to try a pattern from the Metbury Baby Book for E6000 machines. This little sweater pattern was in single bed tuck stitch and I never tried that on the Passap. I have done it on the Brother. I like doing the tuck stitch on the passap because the stitches are on the front bed which would be the ribber on the Brother. The stitches stay on nicely.

I made the fronts and back and one sleeve and had it all put together  and did not like the tuck side . In fact, I thought the reverse side was softer looking. So I took it apart and assembled with the other side as the right side. I don’t like the collar and if I had time I would have done a sandwich collar. This is the newborn to three month size . The baby is due in February so won’t have much time to wear it. I probably should have done the nine month to one year. I have to make more items for this baby so I might go larger.



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Ah, the beauty of a tuck is that it is stretchy enough to maybe get some more mileage out of it ! Should be good til it is too warm to wear! Looks great. I never would have thought of doing that on one bed of the Passap as it is just like the tuck on the Brother as you said. Will have to try!

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