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Modified E Wrap Cast On

ModifiedEwrap6 copy

I am currently working on an Heirloom Baby Set by designer Nell Abshire, the Afghan Queens. In the pattern she suggests Estillo yarn which is a thin dress yarn. She tells how to do the modified e wrap cast on using two threads of yarn for the cast on. I am sure I have seen this before but thought I would share it with others that might not have seen it. This can be done on any machine. I like the finished edge and it gives body to the jacket edge. I think this would be a great cast on for the beginning of a lace scarf or any scarf for that matter that uses a thin yarn. It makes the edge stronger for tassles too if you use them on a scarf.  If you use this on a scarf and want both ends the same, start the scarf and knit to the middle and take off on waste yarn. Then knit the second half and do the same. Then Kitchener stitch the pieces together.

Here are the directions and pictures if you would like to try it.

Child’s Bubble Tuck Hat by Ruth Schnell made on the Passap E 6000

Ruth Schnell Tuck    Stitch Hat

Ruth Schnell Tuck Stitch Hat

Ruth Schnell did it again! Another cute hat pattern that is easy to do on the Passap E 6000 and can be done on any machine with tuck capabilities. I had the pleasure of hearing from her after I posted the other little hat that she designed. She wondered if anyone every made any of the hat patterns that she designed. Yes!

This pattern is in the same book as the other little hat. In Knitters magazine Vol5 No.19.

It has a roll brim and a tuck stitch pattern. Unfortunately you can’t see the little Bubbles of the pattern but they are definitely there as you can see in the close up picture.


On the passap I cast on double bed, hang the comb and then drop the BB stitches. If the comb drops, you did it wrong. I knit several rows of scrap yarn and then one row of ravel cord. I made a small size using 114 stitches since my design was 8 stitches and 8 rows. I e wrapped from the left side knitting the stitch at the same time . Then I set my tension dial at 5… for ten rows of stockinet stitch, 5.. for ten rows of stockinet and then 5. for ten rows and for the rest of the hat. I used pattern 1034 and technique 130.

I knitted 109 rows of tuck and carriage on the left. I knit one row of stockinet . RC 110. Transfer every other stitch for eyelets and keep needles in work. I then knit 11 rows of stockinet, COL and changed to white yarn. I knit one row to the right at same tension and then one last row to the left at tension 8. I took off on waste yarn and then she tells you to knit one stitch through the next for the bind off. I then steamed the top stockinet while the waste yarn was on for a nice edge. Remove waste yarn and sew up the side. I knit a cord on the Brother machine. I used four stitches and TD 4 until I had 12 inches for the cord. I think it is adorable.

Here is the link on how I made this. It is a small and fits a size head that is 16 to 18 inches.


Christening Gown Made on the Passap E 6000

PassapKnitted Christening Gown


Well, I could have done this dress in a day on the Brother but I wanted to use my passap. It took me longer on the passap because of the pattern! I have no clue where I got the pattern since I have bought different machines and patterns have come with them. This is a pattern that walks you through step by step and I don’t really need that. I used it because it covers the passap and Brother  machines. It is called Instant Knits Designer Heriloom Christening Collection. It has detailed instructions on single bed knitting.  This gown is plain because there is a lace over jacket that goes with it but I don’t think I will knit it. I tried to make this a little dressier and added pearl beads around the hem, neck, and sleeves. Also, in the pattern it says to crochet the neckline with three rows of single crochet(I think) I did not like the idea because of the way the finished fronts and backs looked at the neck line. I wanted to hide that so I did the “sandwich” part of a cut and sew neckline. Each time that I went to sew a stitch down from the neck stitches, I threaded a bead . Those beads aren’t going anywhere. If you left double click on the picture you can see the beads . I also did the set in sleeves and attached on the machine rather than sewing in by hand as the pattern stated. I think the scalloped hem would have come out better if the tension was tighter or done on the Brother machine. Or it is the cast on method that the pattern tells you to do on the passap.  Moot point since it is finished. lol

I am hoping someone can help me out. It states that these outfits(for girls and boys were featured on the cover of a Machine Knitters Source magazine. I have quite a few years of Machine Knitters Source but I don’t have that issue. If I do, it is open and in a file drawer with baby things or in a pile somewhere in my to do list .

Update: Two nice ladies were kind enough to search for the pattern and it is Machine Knitters source  May/June 1994 Vol 10 No 60.  Pictures were sent to me as well. Thank you ladies!!!!


Putting a Zipper into Knits


OMG!!! How unique. Now this is the best way I have seen to put a zipper in knits. I found the site on pinterest this morning. You can go to the site and it is in Swedish but it is also translated into English. She has this sewing of zipper outlined step  by step with pictures. I just grabbed a swatch of fabric and a zipper to give it a try. In a nutshell, you will use the latch tool to crochet up the zipper. then you take a piece of the fabric yarn and sew the purl stitches of the sweater to the zipper stitches that you crocheted in. I can’t wait to try this. I just guessed on the crocheting and did not make loops perfect like hers since this was just a test. I also did not use matching yarn obviously. 🙂 And…the zipper opens past the knit without catching the knit fabric. It looks so much nicer than sewing with a machine!

You have to try this!



Picture of Music Wire for Cast On Combs


A woman asked to see a picture of the wire for the cast on combs. The top one is the thicker one .039-1mm  size. The lighter gray line is the shadow of the wire from picture. The bottom one is ideal and it is .032-.81mm. These are 36 inch lengths, 4 wires for $2.50


Machine Knitting Wire for Cast On Combs


A couple of years ago I bought wire for my cast on combs from a vendor at a seminar. It came wrapped in a circle and never straightened out. My friend Sheila told me that hobby shops should have the wire . She also said music shops should have piano wire. So, right next to our old hang out, JoAnn Fabrics, is a hobby shop. After hitting the quilting store (another hobby started!) we went to the hobby store. I bought two sets of wires since I did not have a cast on comb with me. My friend said it was the thinner one and I said the thicker one. So I bought both sets and both sets work!! However, the thinner one she suggested slides better-I should always listen to her! I had to buy a set of four which is how they came wrapped. It cost me a whole whopping $2.50 for four wires! So the best one to buy is the .032 – .81 mm. They fit into my Brother standard gauge , bulky and passap combs.  So I spent five dollars but they all function and I am not going to return the one set.

So, this is my helpful little hint for cast on wires. Now please don’t email me telling me you knew this or I will have to hurt you! lol

Yep, I went off the deep end!


Okay, now I went off the deep end! lol

Skull Phone Cover on the Passap

skull phone cover

Okay, now you think I am going off the deep end! I am going to tell you why I am not. I decided to try a picture on the front using single bed motif on the passap. I have never done it on this machine. I have to say the Brother is a little easier by comparison.  I used 2/24 yarn and 50 stitches. I knit 12 rows before and after the design. When I was finished, I took off on scrap yarn. I hung the front stitches first and then the back stitches so that the seam was in the middle with right sides together. I doubled the end stitches on the front side and on the back I crossed the end two stitches. I like the finished look much better. Hmmmm….doesn’t sound like this is a good excuse, does it?


Passap Machine Knitted Cell Phone Cozy




Well, I got back to knitting even though it is not much.

I was so excited to get my new Motorola Moto E cell phone. I had to play with it all day. Ended up playing with ring tones and called my sister twice and my girlfriend twice at 1 am in the morning. They loved me for that! lol

I must have spent hours looking for a case but I want something to cover the front . After two hours of reading and  finding ones that fit and then reading the reviews, I gave up. I decided to knit a cover until I find one I like. So I came up with this little bag. It is a fluorescent lime color. I’ll find that real fast. Probably faster than I figured out how to answer the phone when a call came in. ha, ha.

My phone is 2 and 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches long. If you want to try one for your phone here are the directions in my drop box on how I made this. I knitted the body circular. The rib is a 2X1 rib.

Child’s Ribbed Hat Any Machine


It was a rainy cold day yesterday and I had an area in my knitting room to clean up. I came across this little hat in an “In Knitters” book, Volume 5 No. 19,  that I picked up at a seminar last spring. It is designed by Ruth Schnell. She gives the hand version and machine knitting version. I love it. I hate to make pompoms even though I have nice pompom makers. I made this on the passap since it is my favorite. It took less than 20 minutes to knit it. I used two strands of  2/24 yarn though she calls for Tamm 3 ply astacryl.  There are three children’s sizes S,M, L to fit 18″,20″,22″ head circumference. She casts on at tension 6 and I don’t recommend that. I used a tension 3.5 and I would go tighter than that. But remember, I am using the passap.  Then you set up needles in 1 by 1 rib 110(138,152) and knit for 86(94,100) rows after doing the cast on with the contrast yarn. You then transfer she says to the main bed. I used the back bed on the passap. But when you transfer you don’t put the stitches on the empty needles . You double up the stitches on the same bed. In other words, put the ribber stitch on the main bed needle that already has a stitch on it. You will have two stitches on every other needle. Then you bring the out of work needles in and knit 11 rows of stockinette stitch. (You will have a row of eyelets where you started to knit the stockinette).  Your carriage will be on the left side. Knit one row with the contrast color to the right and put your tension dial up to 10 or 8 I believe on the passap. Knit one row to the left and bind off one stitch through the next. Sew up the seam and make an “I” cord that is 12 inches long. 3 stitches with one part button in and knit about 300 rows on the Brother. I made my “I” cord on the Brother. She calls for a tension of 10 but I used a tension of 4. I did not want a big cord.


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