Passap Tuck Stitch Baby Afghan by Jean Curry



I posted this afghan pattern by Jean Curry done on the passap machine in February of 2014. I had to make one for a dear friend and I decided to post it again to show you that I think the design shows up better in white. I made the hat and booties but I still have the sweater to make. It is not a mistake in the middle of the afghan. It is a fold line.


  1. Heidi Said:

    I like this even more than the afghan lovely

    • Funny you should say that, I thought the same thing when I finished it.
      Carol πŸ™‚

  2. Tina Said:

    I think this is lovely!
    All your knitting is great you really make the most of your machines.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Tina x

  3. sheila greenway Said:

    this is just what I have been trying to do on my passap thanks for sharing please can you tell me if I can get the pattern

    • Hi Sheila, If you go into the archives for February of 2014 on my blog you will find the link for the pattern in my drop box.
      Carol πŸ™‚

  4. Hannah Said:

    Please post the graph you made of the pattern in DAK. I tried and tried in Wincrea wth no success. You digitised it in 2 hours, I gave up after more than 2 days!

  5. Margie Said:

    Hi. I have been searching for the past week to find a pattern for a baby afghan and I think this is the one. I need to make two here very quickly. Do you have the pattern in DAK? I don’t have a machine that will run my creation 6 any more. Can you also tell me what yarn to use. Even though I have had my machine for 15 years, I don’t know how to use it. With inspiration from your site, I hope to learn. thank you for sharing

    • Hi Margie, If you go to my blog entry on February 5th 2014 you will see a link to my drop box that gives the directions and the bmp files for a large and small afghan. You can take bmp files into DAK but I will send you a file with the tiff extension. πŸ™‚

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