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Miniature Knitted Christmas Sweater


I have knitted a lot of the miniature sweaters that were in a Machine Knitters Source Magazine and I don’t like the way the sleeves stick straight out. So I changed the pattern so that it had set in sleeves.  Here is my pattern if anyone wants to try it. I used my Brother 940 machine.This one just has roll hems and collar and a 4 stitch cable that crosses every 6 rows. There are four cables on the front and five on the back. You don’t even have to do the cables on the back. I used a dress yarn that is white and really sparkles. Hard to tell in the picture. I think the yarn is called  Flash.

Here is the link for the pattern.

Passap Tuck Stitch Baby Afghan by Jean Curry



I posted this afghan pattern by Jean Curry done on the passap machine in February of 2014. I had to make one for a dear friend and I decided to post it again to show you that I think the design shows up better in white. I made the hat and booties but I still have the sweater to make. It is not a mistake in the middle of the afghan. It is a fold line.

Fan Lace on the knitting machine by Cheryl Sterling


I think I found Cheryl Sterlings fan lace link to her you tube video on Knitting Paradise. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it. She is one smart woman. I watched all five videos while away from home. Then last night I had to try it before going to bed. This swatch took about 45 minutes to do after I knitted the first row along with the video. She explains first how it is knitted and that really helps. Then the following videos she knits it slow enough that you can knit along.I opened my nook and had it next to my machine. It is very easy since she did the hard work of figuring it out. I used my Brother 940 and a yarn I think was called Kitty. I lightly steamed it afterwards. I want to try this in my Jaggerspun wool yarn or a yarn that is a little thicker.  I would not recommend using the passap. You could use your Bulky though . The sample is turned sideways in the picture. The next picture is the back of the sample. You also can visit her blog site and see the scarf finished and some other lovely things she has made.

Her link to the videos is below. I encourage you to try it. The way you move down the row to knit reminds me of how I do my buttonhole bands. 🙂









Felted Flap Purse with Retro Tree


I knitted this purse and then felted in the washing machine. I came up with the idea of the design from a vintage wall hanging. I used my ball felter for the larger balls and needle felted the smaller ones. I used swivel hooks for the straps. I put braiding along the edge of the flap and used braiding on the tree . The size is 10 inches high and 12&1/2 wide.  this purse is basically the same as the leaf purse I just finished but I used fewer stitches. When I worked on the back flap I increased stitches and knitted a total of 60 rows.

If you would like to try this, the pattern is in my drop box.

Knitted Wool Pocket Scarf

Pocket Scarf

I found this pattern in a book I borrowed from the library. It is a hand knitting pattern but I adapted it to the Bulky Machine. This can be done on any machine even without a ribber if you want to reform the stitches. The pattern calls for 10 ounces of Homespun yarn by Lion Brand. Will have to check that yarn out.

The book is called 24-Hour Knitting Projects by Rita Weiss. The author of the pattern is Sandy Scoville. She calls it a Pocket Shawl. I made it a scarf and wish I had done it as a shawl.  Her finished size is 12 inches by 64. My finished scarf is 6 inches by 63 inches.

I just wanted to try it and I have  a thick navy yarn that was too thick for the brother standard. Yep, that will work. Searched and found it. Knit, knit , knit and all finished. Uh, no, I grabbed the wrong yarn and did not realize it until I went to post this blog! lol  I ended up making it in Nordic Classic Wool by Heirloom.  This project took 4 ounces of yarn. And to make matters worse, it states what tension to use on the Brother. I used tension 5.. and it suggests 8.. but don’t know if that is using the standard or bulky-doesn’t say.

Oh well, it is a less than 24 hour project. The color is navy even though it looks royal blue. It is the lights in my knitting room that throw the color off.  You could put a buttonhole in the pocket but I just put a button on to decorate.

It is unique how the pockets are sewn on the sides. The edge of the pocket fits right into the groove made by the purl stitch in the 3 by 1 rib scarf. You don’t stretch the pocket to fit. You can see that in the pictures in the drop box.

If anyone wants to try it, you can get the book from the library or go to my drop box for machine conversion pattern.


Autumn Leaves Felted Purse with Acorns

front side of purse


back side of leaf purseDSCF7690

I got side tracked. What else is new? I had a very nice lady from Georgia  buy a felted purse and mouse and felted slippers from my Etsy store. She wanted a purse for fall . She asked if the length of the handle could be adjusted. She got me thinking and all of a sudden I came up with a fall design and adjustable handles.  First I knitted the fronts and backs in Intarsia. Did I tell you I hate intarsia work? Each side took me well over five hours. I found some swivel hooks that could attach to the purse.This way, she can change the handle to different lengths.  I sewed up the purse and went off to felt-the fun part. It took at least fifteen minutes to felt to this size.  When the purse was dry, I needle felted the veins on the leaves. Another 4 hours. lol  While I was needle felting I remembered on my other felted purse that I did a felted acorn. Well, my friend from Craft Gossip web site had given me a whole bag of felted acorns she made and I thought they would look cute hanging from the side. I had to get my drill out to drill holes in them to get the yarn through to hang them.  Then I was going to put two magnetic clasps for closure but did not have any left in my stash. I did have this closure which was more expensive And  I think it looks better on this purse.

Now the strap. Oh brother…..I did not want to do an “I” cord because the handle comes out round. I wanted more of a flat strap. I just knitted ten stitches plain and felted and it looked awful.  I was laying in bed and in the morning I wondered about knitting circular , no seam and it should lay flat. So I made a short one and felted in my table top felter. Yep, that works. I went back and went to knit it and realized I did not have a whole lot of yarn left. Uh, oh, better get this right. Meanwhile, the woman who bought the other items asked if she could see it. Yep, she wanted it. So I emailed her for the length she wanted and that was a good thing. When I felted the strap I wanted 19 inches in length because the swivel hook on each side took up 3 inches. I took it out at 21 and decided to put it in the dryer and eureka!!!! It went to the correct size.

So I went to the post office today so she can take this purse on her trip to see her sister.

The pattern I made up is in my drop box if you want to make it. I made the designs in DAK and then printed from DAK. I printed them out and scanned them and put them in the drop box. If you have trouble reading them I can save the file as a bmp or jpg and email it to you.

Well, I need to get back to the dog afghan but I have another idea for a felted purse. 🙂

Must be the cooler weather coming.