Should I or Shouldn’t I?



I bought the Singer 150 for $30.00 at the garage sale and thought that I probably would not make much on it if I sold on ebay . Too many fees and pay pal fees as well. So I set this up and wanted to make sure that it was working well. My friend and I made a new sponge bar and off I went. I just casted on 50 stitches and started to knit and then decided to make a stocking. Pretty good for guessing length huh? This is 22 inches long and 6.5 in width. I always wanted to knit the super large stocking that covers the front door but never wanted to spend a lot on the yarn. This little puppy would do the trick with all the yarns at Joanne fabrics that are thick with no dye lots!

This is really thick worsted yarn that I bought and it was hard to work with on my Brother Bulky. I think that is why this is called a Chunky Knitter. It handled it comfortably at tension 7 to 8. It is smaller than my Brother bulky and it fits on the knitting machine table  that my bulky is on with no problem. They are back to back. The space between the needles seems to be the same but it seems easier to knit. There are only 108 needles on it and there are 110 on my bulky. This machine is 45 inches long and the brother is 48 inches long.

Sooooo……. the question is, should I keep it or shouldn’t I?


  1. Claire C. Said:

    It sounds like you really enjoyed using it.

    • Yes, but I wonder how much I will use it. I am not into collecting machines. I thought I had all that I needed now! Lol

      • CRAIGST#1 Said:

        Knitting Machines are like “CHOCOLATE” YOU NEVER HAVE ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!! ( GRIN) EM

  2. leenrue Said:

    If it were me I would keep it to use for when the yarn didn’t like the other machine but then who knows you may find a friend who wants to learn and it will come in handy then. Mary

    • Funny you should say that because I have a bulky, 940 brother and a passap and thought I was all set…until now! Lol

  3. Dora Rudin Said:

    i would keep it since you say its easier to knit on and its doing something you always wanted to do never know you might find other things you would like to do on it and if your working on something on the other machine and want to stop on it for awhile you have a second machine you can do another progewt on 🙂

  4. I am just wondering if it will sit more than getting used. I still love the passap the most. 🙂

  5. Susan McBean Said:

    What can I say….you found a spot for it….your neighbor was so good about finding a home for a soon to be orphan..I think it is meant to be. At least for now. I am pretty sure we cannot really have too many machines….and you can sell it any time ! I vote you keep it for now 🙂

    • Lol, it looks like all are in favor of keeping. And you are right, if I don’t use it I can sell it any time. 🙂

  6. Heidi Said:

    I have the 150 and would not sell it far anything, It does the
    best intarsia, It is easily stored but I will keep mine up It is much easier to knit with than my brothers/

    • It seems all are in favor of keeping it. 🙂 It is a good machine!

  7. Collette Parliament Said:

         Tough call. I have 4 knitting machines, Passap Duo 80, Passap E6000, Brother 230, and a Passap Vario. I think I’ll sell the Vario. I’ve been too swamped with my other work to look at all these machines and learn to make them sing. I did a little on each and love them all. The Vario doesn’t do all that the others do but it’s quick and easy.       So your sweet little Singer may fill a spot. 

    • I think you said it. Looking at all the machines makes me feel like I have ADHD. Which one to choose, but you are right, it is quick and easy and it will fill the spot. 🙂

  8. Valery Roberts Said:

    I say “keep it” you have it and you enjoyed it. And it works and you made a great looking stocking. It’s time for holiday decorations and you are on the right path.
    Valery R.

  9. Rhonda Said:

    Sounds like you should keep it! Since it’s smaller, it could be a “travel machine” if you need one. But seems like it would be a good little machine to sue with the heavier yarns! By the way, Love the Stocking.

  10. Kathy Said:

    As soon you get rid of it you will wish you had it. 🙂

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