FB100 Disk Drive for the Brother Machines.


I recently went to use my FB 100 disk drive on my Brother machine and it kept coming up error . Okay, where are the error codes? I pulled out my new one in its box, it must be there.Nope! Luckily I put my hands on a really worn sheet of instructions by Sonja Vaughn and it also has the error codes. Also I found two pages by Jean Blood that give instructions for the machine. I  also posted the booklet that is with my new .

Here is the drop box link for the instructions




  1. Tanya Said:

    Do you know if the drive belt has been replaced? They get stretched out over time and result in an error indication. Pretty easy to change.

  2. Oh Tanya, I am glad to hear from you. Both drives I have do the same thing and yes, I think it is the belt. Do you know where I can get some. I know the part number is FB9.0x.023. Do you have the schematics for the drive? I am even willing to send it for repair. I was going to contact Charlene at the Knit Knack shop.

  3. Lynne Said:

    I just set up my PPD and Disk drive(s)(I also have two FB 100 drives) to my little old kitchen TV, after many years of non-use. All I want to do is “look” at the hundreds of designs (picture graphs) that I made in the 90’s.The PPD works fine, but I get error 4 when I try to transfer tracks to the PPD (from both drives). Now, in the error codes list that you posted in August (thank you so much for posting them) it says error 4 means the disk is “write protected”. I know about that little tab switch on the disks and I tried changing that….but still error 4. I would think a write protected disk wouldn’t have any impact on just trying to transfer the disk tracks to the PPD or the knitting machine, anyway. I tried many of my disk and all say error 4. So, I’m stumped. Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Lynne, I tried several disks with my FB 100 and one FB 100 is brand new. I can hear a belt sliding and then the error comes up. I asked my friend what she thought and she said she heard disks can go bad over time. I can’t believe all my disks are bad. I found the belt size I need but could not find where to get it. Meanwhile I moved on with other things. I am of no help here but don’t rule out the drives. Let me know if you solve your problem.
      Sorry 😦

      • Lynne Said:

        Hi…this is what I’ve done. I read, I think here, something about a “belt” in the disk drive. So, analyzing what the drives were doing when given the order to move data from the drive to the PPD (or save from PPD)….the access light lit up, I could tell the drive was communicating, but didn’t send/receive the data. I called Knit Knack Shop in Peru, IN. Wonderful nice lady, said yes, indeed, the belts go bad. Part is $27.95, labor about $20.00…easy fix. Shipping, of course is another almost $20.00 round trip..but hey, if it is fixed that’s about $68.00 and I can get into all my designs. I’m sending one drive to them for repair tomorrow.

        Regards, Lynne Ulicki, aka imalulu

      • Lynne Said:

        My disk drive was repaired and sent back to me very quickly. It works perfectly now.

      • Thank you Lynne, I will have to send mine in now. Thank you for the info.

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