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Passap Dog Paw Print Afghan


I bought the rights to use the clip art of the dog in the frame awhile back. Yesterday I decided to make an afghan. I must have changed the design and rows for three hours!

I like how it came out though the dog could use some better shaping up. However, when I took the picture I saw something that I did not see otherwise. Why is that?  At the bottom on the second stripe it looks like holes. The only thing I can think happened was that slack was not taken up in the mast when I knit the row. The colors are brown, tan and cream. I am going to shorten the afghan a little more.

When I knit it again I will post the directions and the files for DAK and win/crea. It will be for your use only and not mass production knitting. You can change the colors of the dog, give him spots, make him larger or smaller and add your dog’s name.

Today I am going to rewind all the yarn and do it again. Or….maybe paint my bedroom. 🙂 

Should I or Shouldn’t I?



I bought the Singer 150 for $30.00 at the garage sale and thought that I probably would not make much on it if I sold on ebay . Too many fees and pay pal fees as well. So I set this up and wanted to make sure that it was working well. My friend and I made a new sponge bar and off I went. I just casted on 50 stitches and started to knit and then decided to make a stocking. Pretty good for guessing length huh? This is 22 inches long and 6.5 in width. I always wanted to knit the super large stocking that covers the front door but never wanted to spend a lot on the yarn. This little puppy would do the trick with all the yarns at Joanne fabrics that are thick with no dye lots!

This is really thick worsted yarn that I bought and it was hard to work with on my Brother Bulky. I think that is why this is called a Chunky Knitter. It handled it comfortably at tension 7 to 8. It is smaller than my Brother bulky and it fits on the knitting machine table  that my bulky is on with no problem. They are back to back. The space between the needles seems to be the same but it seems easier to knit. There are only 108 needles on it and there are 110 on my bulky. This machine is 45 inches long and the brother is 48 inches long.

Sooooo……. the question is, should I keep it or shouldn’t I?

FB100 Disk Drive for the Brother Machines.


I recently went to use my FB 100 disk drive on my Brother machine and it kept coming up error . Okay, where are the error codes? I pulled out my new one in its box, it must be there.Nope! Luckily I put my hands on a really worn sheet of instructions by Sonja Vaughn and it also has the error codes. Also I found two pages by Jean Blood that give instructions for the machine. I  also posted the booklet that is with my new .

Here is the drop box link for the instructions